July 3, 2008

Studio Installment # 6

Well we found a great electrician he came and ran the wires and put the boxes in and a new breaker box panel. The plumber made it out and ran some pipes, hooked up the water and the sewer. The plumber says call him after we hang the sheetrock (wall board) the electrician says to call him after we paint. But first we need to do the floor, I’m planning on staining the concrete and if it doesn’t turn out good then we may use tile or wood flooring. I have wanted to stain concrete for a very long time. Lets see ever since I first heard about it and saw some pictures back in the mid 1980’s. I have picked up the stuff we need for it.
But then my Beloved says lets up the insulation up, because it was raining again and predicted to for a while. Ok that took about 1 weekend. Then he thought we should just hang the sheetrock, well alrighty then.
Do y’all have any idea how heavy this crap is? I have experience with sheet rock as well as all construction, but it has been a few years since I did this kind of manual labor and frankly I just don’t have the back for it. So we called somebody to come and do it for us.
Great I thought, I can get the floor done by the time they make it out.
More of this saga another time so stay tuned.


Linda said...

You ARE getting your workout, Paige. I envy you and your hubby's can-do abilities. I MIGHT be able to pick out wall-paper.

But this is fascinating to watch... send pics. Peace, Linda

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good luck in it!