July 1, 2008

Let me tell you about

This Month, and I know you are all very excited about the special things the calendar has to offer for July
It is National Bikini, Grilling, Ice Cream and Hot Dog month. I know you want to know if I will look good in that bikini after all the hot dog grilling and ice cream eating? Sorry but I gave up bikini wearing for sun bathing in the nude. That’s not really true, on accounta I gave up sun bathing because the sun’s rays are too hot for my delicate porcelain skin. Well I don’t quite have porcelain skin, it is more like older then porcelain but not as old as dirt.
Speaking of nude the 6th through the 13th is… Nude Recreation- yeehaw; from the 18th to the 25th is Restless Leg Syndrome Education and Awareness followed by one of Alfred Mosher Butts’ favorites Scrable week 25-30
That leaves us with the very special days for this month, the 4th most awesome Independence day, 10th is Don’t Step on a Bee day, the 13th is for Embracing Your Geekness, on the 21st is, you are not gonna believe it, Cow Appreciation Day-be sure to kiss a cow today and last but hopefully not least is Singing Telegram Day on the 28th .
And there you have it my fine friends this months specials.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

Nude recreation? That sounds like fun!