July 18, 2008

Fast Food as Less Food

I’m sure y’all have noticed by now that many fast food establishments have made a few cut backs. So far these are just a few of the things I have seen

Half slices of cheese for which you have paid extra for a whole slice-I should have taken a photo
Extra charge for lettuce / tomatoes
Extra charge for condiments like catsup/mustard/honey
I’m guessing that by the time I have posted this we will have to pay extra for sporks, napkins and straws and if not we will very soon.

The edible cut backs have even hit the sit down restaurants. Again I have noticed the portions are smaller, not that that is such a bad thing. The quality has gone down just a tad as I’m sure they are using less expensive ingredients. There is nothing better than a family of four dining out for $50 to $60 at a medium priced local place, in a half empty joint and the food ends up being not that good. Heck they won’t even deduct anything when you request that they hold the onions. Gees! Right?

Ok so yes I suppose we do eat out a bit much, but now because of gas prices we are down to eating out way less and we are having beans 4 nights a week thereby saving money on gas and besides now we are into producing our own. Yeah for us! And I really don’t think this causes damage to the ozone layer, do you?


Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's subtle ways of saving money.

kimmyk said...

lol, gotta do whatcha gotta do.

i wish we didn't eat out as much....the mexican rest. we go to now only lets you have one basket of chips n salsa, if you want extra chips you gotta pay a buck fifty.

it's gettin crazy out there!

Anonymous said...

1.50for extra chips thats an outrage, next they will charge to enter the restaurant and a fee to sit down and exyra for nonsmoking and have a pay toilet, and by the way we charge extra if you want clean plates and glass, maybe we should stop eating mexican food , the lettice , celantro, tommato and jalepeno peppers have all had salmenila what is left rice and beans might as well eat chinese