July 22, 2008


OMG I could not believe the amount of rinsing we had to do to get all that “residue” left over from the acid stain on the concrete. Finally, oh finally it was done, we hoped, we went with it anyway. Spraying the sealer on, doing some running around errands and stuff. We then put on coat number two, took a nap and sit back to admire all the hard work so far. A friend told me to do three coats of sealer, so we put on another one then went to bed. My advise to any of you who think you want to acid stain your concrete floors, or whatever else you want to, be sure to have a shop vac-they are invaluable to this project, lots of patience, a ca-billion gallons of water, more patience and more water.
Yes a bit of stain splashed up on the bottom of the walls, but we will paint over that with Kilz primer and follow that by some good ol’ Berh paint. I am normally a very color-filed type of person but for my studio I’m going white. It will not influence the “true” color of whatever project I’m working on and that should result in a better colorful outcome for the projects.
Next on the list is painting the walls and getting some cabinets stained and installed.
Wooo hooo, we are making progress now that the floor is finished.


Bee Repartee said...

WOW! Great work. Did you know Mr Coffee is a concrete finisher by trade (family biz and started when he was 11!).

I love the look of finished stained floors....dry mop or mop and done. Easiest clean up I've ever done.

So, is this on the main floor? HOW exciting!

Anonymous said...

looks like hard work to me , looks good though