March 14, 2011

Ta tada Ta Dah

I was bestowed with an award this past fall/winter from kind Deanna. I didn’t post it then on accounta it being a Summer Blogger Award and I wanted to wait for spring. And because I have now waited I forgot the rules (if there were any) and will make up my own…lalala cause I can and cause We are Queen of this Paradise Valley. Humph! So without any further todo…Thank you dear Deanna. Now I’m passing it off to 3 dear internets (cause 3 is Our favorite number) and they should pass it on to 3 dear internets and everyone has to link back to Us…lalala. Even if you choose NOT to claim your award you must LINK back to US (with the US being moi)

Dancing With Daisy


Some Things I Think about-Annell

Here it is ladies

Okay & doughK moving along I find there is more…yes more for me and some more of y’all. My dear internet Jai bestowed upon me the Life is Good Award and boy howdy I agree with that. Thanks Jai, I’m glad that you recognize how much I really enjoy breathing. Now because this is a new Award-age I member the rules, but alas will do as I please…err We will do as We please And WE are pleased to pass this on to 3 more dear internets, who must also link back to US regardless of their willingness for acceptance. Oh I will tell you a few things about myself, but not like Jai did, she made a fancy V-log.

Shine the Devine

Down River Drivel

Way Station One

So here it is ladies and gentleman

Okay now more about Us… hum what is it that y’all don’t know, that We want to tell you…hum

We wear a size 8 ½ shoe (have lots of shoes wear 1 pair)
Our real name is Not Paige (that is a pen name)
We are thinking about coming out of the closet on that


Linda said...

Congrats! and it reminds summer IS around the corner. Please do come out of the closet -- it is very nice and sunny out here. peace...

Brian Miller said...

awww...why thank you and congrats on the awards...i have always used my real name...i never really thought about it when i started...

Daisy said...

Thanks so much, Paige! You're a sweetie. I love the summer! :D I hope you have a good week.

Deanna Schrayer said...

Congratulations dear heart! You certainly deserve all the awards you can get.
What are you coming out of the closet about? I'm lost...

Jannie Funster said...

In the closet.
Out of the closet.
You'll still be
all kinds of awesome!!