March 10, 2011

Dirty Laundry

I know y’all remember our autumn adventure from some time back…and how it was a faulty washing machine that was at the bottom of it…and how said faulty machinery was replaced before the renovations…and that I could not use the new machine because we had to move out, well live elsewhere…Anyways I’m going to, finally, give a review of the new machines that got rid of our dirty laundry and ugly kitchen.

We got the front loaders with pedestals and I must say I love ‘em. The dryer is super & duper. The washer is very efficient with water usage and I tell you it gets our clothes purdy clean. We do use the HE liquid detergent, yes it’s a bit more costly than the regular kind, but you use less and by that I mean way, way less and therefore really do get more loads per bottle. Yes these front loaders are prone to smelling musty and after about a year of use ours did have a bit of a smell, even though we leave the door open.

I searched for a solution and learned that the use of HE detergents was the alleged cause. I say alleged because the research blamed HE’ s on accounta they were made from animal fats (more on this later) Humm, and crap we buy in bulk, most of the time. So we have gallons if not barrels of the stuff on hand.

Now our smell wasn’t as bad as others claim theirs to be… He double hockey sticks no, I knew this because our clothes didn’t smell musty after they were dried. I checked and sure enough our HE soap did NOT use animal fats, but still we had a faint musty odor. I found where it was suggested to use vinegar in the rinse cycle, besides it’s a fairly good fabric softener – Double duty.

My tips on Front Loaders, (I’m not liable for your decision to use my tips)

Wash the biggest loads you can as the washer will work better and it makes your pile smaller faster – Win Win.

Use about a quarter cup (or less) of white vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser, especially on your last load for the week.

Leave the washer door open WHEN NOT IN USE DUH!

Dry around the rubber door dohicky every once in a while, maintenance is a good thing

Don’t use fabric softener, or if you feel you must use as small an amount as possible & see the vinegar tip above

Don’t use fabirc softener sheets in the dryer, they clog up the lint filter and the dryer will not be as efficient

About that "Animal fats" thing: all soap has some form of fat / oil in it.

And in Summary- front loading washers & dryers get a 6 thumbs ups as does HE laundry detergents

FTC Disclosure: I received no compensations of any kind for my opinion of these products, unless you include the lack of Dirty Laundry at our house. Now someone fetch my pig, my feet are a bit cold.


Brian Miller said...

nice we are soon to be getting a new washer and T wants a front loader...

judypatooote said...

Nice....and now you can smell pickled....sorry, that just came have you been? It's been a while since I've been's always nice to receive a new appliance....i'm going to need a new frig soon, and it seems everything goes down in 3's... well enjoy your washing and stop by sometime....judy

Daisy said...

I'm glad to hear it is working out well for you. We've had the same Maytag Washer and Drier that we bought 22 years ago, and they're still going strong. We had to replace a belt or two in the drier, but otherwise they've done fine. They've been a good investment for us. Have a nice weekend, Paige! :)

Jai Joshi said...

Thanks for the tips on this type of washer! I like the vinegar tip too. I didn't know it was a good fabric softener. But doesn't it bleach the clothes?


Deanna Schrayer said...

We recently got a new washer but I refused the front loader because that would mean I'd have to Bend Over to put the clothes in, and I already have to bend over to get clothes outta the dryer, why would I want to bend over twice? But I'm glad you're enjoying yours Paige.
And thanks for the tips! I've gotta try the vinegar thingy.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I'm so jealous of folks with washers- I have to wash by hand or go to the laundrymat... good review tho!

I'm allergic to fabric softener- even on other folks clothes next to me.

There's berries in a bag you can use to wash called "soberry" up to 20 washes that are all natural surfactant.
They should pay me to advertise...

ElizabethR said...

Great advice Paige. Your washer looks just like mine. I have an LG and have had it for over a year and it has never had a musty smell. I too leave the door open after the wash.

I use Sears Advanced formula ultra plus HE washing powder. I bought the tub of powder in Oct of 09 for $24 and it's still over a quarter full! It cleans great. I also use the vinegar in the rinse as well as those spiky rubber balls (3) in the dryer to soften the clothes. They work well and they also cut the drying time.

I love my washer and dryer.

Jannie Funster said...

I've never had a front loader. Saw these real cute laundry machines in France -- both washer AND dryer in the same little unit. Purdy cute.

I am actually loving this HEB powder stuff Jim got last time, very concentrated compared to comps.