January 6, 2011

Who is ready

For a nature trip-ah-long with me? Okay come on then. And just cause I’m the boss of this I want to caution y’all to NOT wander off the trails, Keep the noise and talking to a minimum, and for heaven’s sake let’s keep together. Hole-E-Mole-E it’s like I have a class of Kindergarteners. Stay on the trails because there are critters off trail, stay quiet because said critters are not fond of noise or talking, stay together as a group so none of you yahoos get lost, bitten or ate by any critters. And if that is not good enough reasons for ya, do it cause I said so.

Okay, today my dear internets we are going down to the NASA area of Houston. I know that covers a wide span of space. Get it? NASA - Space? Heh, No we are not going to see astronauts we are going to the woods of Armand Bayou Nature Center. Yes there is a small fee, so everyone cough up your share. I know we sure got lucky on the weather, not too hot (yet) and not wet. Okay so we did this last year, but I expect y’all to be nice dear internets and pretend we are doing it now. I know you can do it, you all have wonderful imaginations.

The Entrance

The Map

One of the many huge Banana Spiders. I know it doesn’t look so big in the picture but trust me when I tell you it bigger than an adult big toe, okay so maybe about the same size as an adult toe, and that is huge as far as spiders go where I’m concerned. No don’t touch it! The spidie wouldn’t like it and you would have to leave the trail. Come on let’s move along we have sam-witches for after.

Shhh. Do y’all see the bird in there? I don’t know what kind it is maybe a crane or heron. Yeah there are lots of dragonflies they eat most of the skeeters. Are so carnivores I looked it up. Shhh, did you hear the woodpecker? I saw him but he was faster than my camera. Okay I suppose it could have been a girl woodpecker. Let’s see what’s next…

The board walk, and what a nice picture of the, tank if you are in the hill country of Texas, pond for the rest of us. Yes a bit stagnant and full of algae but that is good for the dragonflies.

See a blue dragonfly. Yeah, so what if I really like ‘em. There is method to their flight pattern. Yeah like my flittering about from here to there to over there. Let’s move on. No the only point is to move along...

A butterfly, on that purple flower that dries so well, whatchucallit. Did y’all know purple was my favorite color? Well ya do now!

A field, wildflower meadow for you romantic types.

A windmill in the reenactment of olden’ days site. There were lots of different buildings and such, but y’all are gonna have to come here to see ‘em. Well, you don’t have to get mad I had to save something for your real life trip.

This here is called an armadillo, they like Lone Star beer. Do too, my Daddy said so!

I know, that’s it, short and sweaty. Hey let’s get in the car, turn on the A/C, clean our hands with some bacty-wash do-hickies so we can eat sam-witches. Yes we have chips and some devil eggs, I know how much y’all like my devil eggs.

See y’all next time, Yes, unless you see me first I suppose.


Brian Miller said...

cool nature so it is right up my alley...and we used to have dillos in FL as well...

Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

This looks like a lovely jaunt. Can we do it again in the early spring, or maybe late fall?

Are the purple flowers statice? I used to grow it just for dried bouquets.

The bird looks like a great or little grey heron. I mean, that's the specie, depending on size. It's hard to tell from here, all the way across the lake.

Thank you for a lovely trek, and especially for driving!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is so beautiful, and you're a great tour guide!

(Except that spider made me shiver... going to look at pictures of kittens and puppies now to shake that image out of my head!) ;)

Deanna Schrayer said...

What a fun trip Paige, with such gorgeous Lush scenery! Thank you for taking lil' ole' me, and I'm sorry for being such a chatterbug.

I know you ain't lying about that spider. We vacationed in Biloxi several years ago and decided to take the back roads home, well hubby was driving so whadya think happened - yes, we got lost, in the Louisiana Bayou! We drove down a very spooky dirt road nearly covered by the bushes alongside, so obviously not many people had been there, at least recently. Reluctantly we got out, (baby son had to pee), and there was the biggest spider web - and spider - I had ever seen in my life! I got pictures of course but who knows where they are now? Not me.

I look forward to the next adventure!

ElizabethR said...

Great trip Paige :) Pardon my ignorance but what did the Old Timers use the windmill for? And is it above a water tank?

Jannie Funster said...

Everytime I see a banana spider I feel an initial sadness over accidentally erasing all those pix from my first Kodak. But I will breathe into this comment and know I'll get through it and all, then head to the bath.

But MAYBE to do the next leg of my dishes first. :) Yep, have already put in a whole 10 minutes on dishes today, and 3 minutes on laundry!

But back to this fine travelling post of your'n...

Dragonfly is on an oleandar. Wonder if they are poisonous to them too?

BEAUTIFUL wildflower meadow shot.
Well, I like the butterfly on your favorite color flower too, of course! But I want to flit in that meadow, I'll have to run across a field later to get those yayas out!

Holy krap, tame armadilloes?

Off to make devilled eggs now -- yes, seriously! I found an extra carton of eggs the other day, Jim had duuplicated. Thanks for the inadvertant inspiration on what to do with them. You so so so ROCK in so many ways.


P.S. You are one hell of a drill seargeant guide, but I had a good time on this, thanks! Kept my head, arms and legs in at ALL times. :)

80s Queen said...

BEAUTIFUL pics!!! but the banana spider really creeps me out.

Cathy C. Hall said...

Hi Paige!

Well, of COURSE I'm gonna come here and sign up for your blog. 'Cause I wouldn't want to miss any more trips with spiders and samwiches (mmmm...please say we got pimento and cheese).

Just sayin'. :-)

sheila said...

Oooooooooooo that was very beautiful! Loved this post! I've never actually seen a wild armadillo. We don't have those here, lol.

Snaggle Tooth said...

How did I miss this warm, green, full of critters post?!
Looks like a great field trip...

Great pics!