November 26, 2010

How Fast is...


So did you get a helpful tip bubble on your screen the last time you updated your blog? I did, and it was cool.

Supposedly blog readers don’t like hanging out waiting for a page to load and that leads to folks not reading you…that is IF it takes too long for your page to be done loading.

And I want to read you and I want all my dear internets to be read by lots and lots of peeps. And furthermore and so forth I, Queen of this cheer valley hereby decree that you, yes all of you – my dear internets go here and learn how to speed up your loading time cause your fast may not be fast enough. Just saying

Oh, are you curious about just how fast it takes your blog to load? Check out this site for getting a handle on your time.

My stats are Paradise Valley 2…Hell’s Mountain - 06.560

365 Views by Me – 01.631 seconds

I tested this a couple of times / few times and this was the average for my blogs.


Get Ready



Tell me your time and tell me who is ready for Christmas?


Jai Joshi said...

Thanks for this link, Paige. I'll check it out and see if I can make my blog load faster.


Daisy said...

Uh oh, mine's kind of slow! Oh well, so am I! HA HA! :D

Snaggle Tooth said...

All blogs load slow for me with dial-up! Especially utube videos folks post-
I'll go see that link on Day Off-
I always start reading text before the pics show up-

Hope Turkey Day was fun for you!
Xmas? not in a gurry for that one-

Deanna Schrayer said...

What a neato tool Paige, thanks for sharing it! My "biggest" page takes 1.42 seconds, which surprised me. It has so many photos on it I thought for sure it would take much longer.

Deanna Schrayer said...

A little something for you Paige, on The Other Side of Deanna:

Hopefully it won't take but a second to load. :)

LauraX said...

You are so funny Paige...and all I ever talk about is slowing down!!!

teahouse said...

Yeah, I'm slow but it's this stupid DSL connection I have, dating back to circa 2004. Must fix that!

Dorraine said...

Thanks for the share, Paige! Mine loaded in two seconds. Now I need to make time to post something.