November 22, 2010

Heavy Metal

How’s about a little heavy metal or light weight metal? Too bad you’re gonna get some anyways. This is a collage of Metal Photographs, part of the Color series thang. The background on this one is a vase or vase depending on the way you pronounce it, normal or fancy a$$ed. The upper left is a portion of something a semi truck was hauling. They sorta looked like bicycle stands you used to see in school yards, but I don’t know what they really were, other than very heavy. The upper / mid- right is an escalator both a utilitarian moving stairway device and a scary monster that can grab shoe strings and such to maim and cut off feet and or toes. Yes very popular in hospitals and shopping malls. In the lower left is a shot of a disposable razor. Again both a utilitarian device for hair removal and a superior monster for removal of thin slices of skin. Take it from me you don’t want to experience the latter. EEE-OUW, ya know.

How do you feel about metals? Like ‘em, hate ‘em, tolerate? Cold, decorative, great out in the yard or better yet in someone else’s yard?

Happy Birthday Andrew!
And wondering where I am this week, someplace New to me...Are you there?


Jai Joshi said...

I have a Swedish friend who's very gifted at making lovely artwork out of random pieces of metal. I love to see the pics of things he's created out of stuff just lying around.

Those razors can be nasty little critters. I prefer to stay away from them.


Jeni said...

I have a very good friend whose imagination and craftiness is something I envy very much for her ability to take just about anything and turn it into a work of art type of jewelry. Amazing what she can do with a zipper or nails or just about anything. It isn't usually my type of art or jewelry -just can't really wrap my likes around it in that respect -but it still amazes me what others see in these things.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I like your metalic montage! Cool!

I've heard Heavy Metals were bad for ya...

Have a great Turkey Day!

Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

Aha! No wonder you liked my latest ATC -- all the doodads on it are metal or mostly metals. So you want to feel of it ...?

Is your photo supposed to be a photo-collage or what? Or did you just lay (correct use of past tense of "to lay") What was I asking? Oh, did you just lie three photos on the VAZZ?

I like to know what I'm looking at. What? A computer monitor? Well, I never!

Hope you have a happy, happy T-Day, wherever you are!

Toyin O. said...

Love the picture.

Deanna Schrayer said...

I like it Paige - the collage that is, not metal. I'm not a metal kinda gal, but my son loves it. He's one of those who can make about anything out of whatever material lies in front of him. I'm so jelous of that! The only materials I can use to make "other stuff" is things I find lying on the side of the road, usually wood or glass. ;)

Jannie Funster said...

I had actually never considered metal photographs before, but I love those! Shiny flashy to go with your flashy ways, big Texas bouffant, flamboyant personal attire and all that make-up you wear. :)

Those are very sharp-looking. A nice addition to any room.

Jim is munching cashews.

I've not even had my pie yet. I know -- shocking! Too much turkey. Sounds like a great brekkie.

Hope you are all well.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Dapoppins said...

I like metals, the metallic colored scarabs, and all the amazing varieties fascinate me. But I don't use metal colors in my home, other than a gold picture frame here and there inherited from my Grandmother.

I do like your picture...the upside down escalator reminded me of the showy ceiling of a casino elevator. That's kinda what I thought it was until you said otherwise.