August 12, 2010

Hole-EEE Barnyards

Oh, my goodness! They at last have turned up or should that be flown up? Anywhos those naughty Salt & Pepper Shakers that ran off from me, remember, went north. Funny I always thought snow birds flew south, but hey what else should I have expected from a couple of chickens.

Oh, so you want to know where they are? Okay you may find them here. I hope they have a good time and don’t get too steamed up that close to fancy smanchy Lobster Pepper & Salts.


sheila said...

You goofball! LOL, so funny.

... Paige said...

hey just because I'm round doesn't mean I'm a ball

Come on my dear internets, lets roll with it

Hey, I didn't mean roll your eyes, which might I say are also round

Okay I'll stop...rolling on the floor laughing..

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Very weird, Paige!

Linda said...

Hardy-har-har, girl! You do get your jollies in the most unusual ways, no? peace...

Daisy said...

HA HA! Made me smile! :D

Anonymous said...

It looks like them thar chickens are having a ball at their new coop :)

Elizabeth (Ramblings-Wordpress)

Jannie Funster said...

Oh Dearest Lord in the heavens above.

I have never ever in my almost 2 years of blogging laughed so much, so hard, so long!!

And here's a copy-n-paste from what I just left over at Snaggle's...

"Oh, this freaking MADE MY DAY!!! (If not my month. Or year!!)

Laughing so loud.

You guys -- you N Paige.

I LOVE you fun, sweet guys so much!!


Oh, freaking great heck. I'll be chuckling over this all my life.

Love you, Paige!!

Jingle said...

love your blog template,
fresh looking and cool!

Jingle said...

two awards on the bottom for you,
the most creative blogger award,
u r a rare friend award....