July 22, 2010

Emergency Post

This is a copy of the email I just sent off to Jannie the Funster. Maybe if I let all my dear internets know what's going on they will turn up. Okay so I'm hopping Jannie won't be mad at me too. Alright here's the email

Jannie, I had a surprise in the PO box yesterday...thanks so much. I love 'em

I'm just sorry I have to tell you this, but there has been a slight altercation the set of rooster salt & pepper shakers we already had, got their beaks outta joint when they saw the new bigger set of chicken S&P and before I knew it they had hen pecked the new ones until they announced they would not stay here (for long). Then promptly marched off to make a nest in the great packing material that you used. This morning when I got up I hunted for a couple of eggs to boil and low and behold Salt and Pepper were nowhere to be found. I was so upset I could just ring all their necks! Then I went out to the mail box to post a birthday card to my mom and found a note in the box.

Paige, we don't like it here! We are moving on! Hope to find new home or maybe we travel around!

What a pair of little chicken shits. And all those exclamation points, what was up with that? I'll let ya know if / when they show back up.

please give all my best to Lil' Kelly & JimBo



ps it's not my fault it was the rooster set of seasonings :-)

If ya get a chance please drop by and tell her It's not my fault, really it's not. Please and thank you so very much.


Tess The Bold Life said...

Any friend of the Funster is a friend of mine. This is hilarious! Thanks for coming over to the bold life.

desk49 said...

no more salt and pepper
shakers do I own
I'm sure I would have
found them a good home
On my table they would
have gone quite grand
the rooster and
his lady friend

sheila said...

You are a goofball.

Luisa Doraz said...

I hope it all gets back to normal. :)

Daisy said...

HA HA! A rooster fight! Oh dear! :D Thanks for giving me a smile.

Jannie Funster said...

My Dear Lord, and Loving Lumps of Lilacs and Lilies, you crack me UP.

I think your missing fowl are heading here.

So glad to see you Tess and Daisy are buds. I LOVE those two gals big bunches, as much as I love you. Two great bloggers with good things to share.

And of course, Ellis, Sheila and Doraz are as equally up there in my books. What a party with all the peeps here.

Gotta go. BB wants hot chocolate.


Blue Bunny said...

my deerist page,

one time I berned my foot wile maeking hot choclit in the mikerwave, so now my jannie maeks it.

wit loves, me



LL Cool Joe said...

Ha ha this made me smile. Thanks for visiting my blog, that made me smile too!

Liara Covert said...

Certain things are beyond our control. Makes sense to grin and bear it. Rest assured, they are probably just traveling with that Travelocity Gnome that disappears and reappears from that person's garden. Imagine delightful postcards are already on the way.

Anonymous said...

LOL Paige you're a hoot!

... Paige said...

Humm, I don't understand why y'all think this funny. I mean come on there is a couple of chickens out, God knows where, wondering the state of Texas or maybe lost in the woods across the street.
I think we should form an internet search for 'em

Deanna Schrayer said...

Paige, I just love reading your posts of a Saturday morning. Especially this one, after I've been away for a week.

Thanks for making me laugh. And sorry to hear about the missing chickens, but it is too funny. :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

I ate chicken for dinner-
Hope it wasn't them!!!

Dapoppins said...

This is so very mean I can only have one Salt and Pepper sharker at a time? Or else they will argue?

Alice Audrey said...

Tsk. Picky poultry. ;)

Anonymous said...

Your posts make me smile inside and out. I enjoy your writing style, story telling, and humor. Thank you, dear Paige for brightening up my day.