August 9, 2010

Crazy Rumor

Bless my soul and beat the dust outta my britches. Someone went and spread the rumor that I had a lovely blog. What??? you may say, and believe me I did too. But it’s true my dear internet Linda of Left Brain Write said it, and she honest about junk like that so it must be truly true. Thank you dear Linda I am honored if not surprised...loverly indeed :-)
Now I should feel guilty because I’m just awful on accounta I don’t remember if there were “rules” attached. Okay I’m pretty sure there were, but I’m disregarding them and passing this doozie of an Award at some well deserving dear internets. So if y’all want to stick some rules on it if or when you pass it on, don’t mind me and do what feels right for your lovely blog. So here goes…and the Lovely Blog Award goes to (dumdeedeedum)

A Writer’s Edge
Down River Drivel
What’s in my Head
Actual Unretouched Photo
Susan’s Snipets
Teahouse Blossom
Jean Luc Captain Picard’s Journal
Grace Notes
A Writer’s Point of View

Congratulations my loverlies, I don’t think I could be any happier, at this very moment unless Publishers Clearing House were to knock on my door (Please knock on my door) Ahh well maybe soon.

And now a question for y’all my dear internets---What do you think of the Flashlight Follower Feature?


Jen said...

OMG Paige you are the sweetest ever!! Thank you so much for my award, and congratulations on receiving it first! I Love your blog so it was well deserved!!!

I think I need to read up on your flashlight follower feature to see if it's something I'd be down for :)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Paige .. congratulations on the award .. always nice to be thought well of .. and it gets your blog out into the big bad world!

Here's to it flying towards publishers galore .. along with your writing ..

have fun - Hilary

Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

Aw, shucks! *circles toe in dust, clenches hands behind back, drops head, smiling into shoulder with eyes lowered*

This is one of the best awards ever--no strings attached! Those that require the "pass it on to XX more blogs with a link back to this original blog" are such transparent link exchange ploys...*rambles on in the distance*

Paige, you are the epitome of "giving with an open hand". I think I'll concoct such an award for you!

Oh, and would you come back to repost your comment on my staycation? Naughty Posterous ate all of yours! Thanksabunch!

desk49 said...

no rules I’ll added
no hands I’ll tied
no doilies placed in
my blog I cried
no silver inlay ends
no cups of pink
no rosy looking things
just hard black ink

Bee Repartee said...

Well deserved, I say. :)

As for Flashlight Follower, first I've seen it. Pretty cool...

Jingle said...

u r amazing,
how sweet for you to think of me...
thanks a ton...


Paul C said...

Thanks, Paige, for this esteemed award. You are a deserving recipient with your wonderful posts.

Thomma Lyn said...

Awwww, Paige -- congratulations on the award. It's well deserved! And thank you so much for passing it to me. I feel very honored! :)

Stacy Post said...

Thank you, Paige! How sweet is that? Congratulations to you too!

Dapoppins said...


that is kinda a cute award.

If I get around to it...i might just take it.

even if you didn't give it to me.
about this sorta thing so who knows?

Melodee said...

Awww, thanks! I appreciate it!

... Paige said...

Dapoppins, you know you are always welcome whether I name you by ID or otherwise :-)

I'm just so glad to have such awesome loverly dear internets :-)

Susan's Snippets said...

Well, Miss Paige,

BUST MY BUTTONS, I am so excited to see Susan's Snippets on the honor roll!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!


ps - i like how that desk49 rhymes!

good times

Jingle said...

I accepted your award,
please pick two awards from my post and share with 1 to 10 friends...

Jai Joshi said...

Congrats on your lovely blog award! You certainly enjoy it.


Deanna Schrayer said...

Linda is right Paige - this certainly is One Lovely Blog! Congratulations!

I finally got around to accepting the A Blog With Substance Award - sorry it took me so long!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I'm do flattered, Paige! Thanks so much for that wonderful award. I rewally appreciate your generosity.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I do agree tho- This blog has gotten alot prettier recently with the new colors, format, n background.
The content's been nifty to read too-

Snaggle Tooth said...

LOL Ellis!

Me either!