June 22, 2010

Drawing a beginning

As y’all know I'm taking a drawing class  so far there have been 3 and today is the last one. So as I said I have never really tried to seriously draw portraits other than the usual grade school drawings. When I first started thinking about taking a class, really to benefit my daughter who loves to draw…I thought what ta heck and drew a face in my poetry journal.

See not so good.

At our first class the instructor handed out papers that helped explain the typical shapes of the face and where abouts the different features are located within the facial structure. I used a magazine photo to start drawing from and was pleasantly surprised to find that it sorta turned out (I said sorta).

This really emboldened me and the next day I sat before a mirror and drew myself. This time using a bit of shading (which I don’t really know how to do either) and hey maybe I have uncovered a bit of a natural talent. Not that I’m a genius at it or nothing, but with practice surely I could only get better.

And do y'all think this looks like me, hey no snickering, I know it's hard to picture me without a hand over my face, but try anyways, okay.  Any ideas as to why this one really looks like me, well one side of me?

My current plan of action is to keep at it, so to try and make it a little easier on moi I have taken black & white photos of myself and my family to work from as models. This way the light won’t change and neither will the expressions or angle of the heads. As I think that may be some of my problem, y’all know look in mirror- look at paper – look at moving model, look at paper… you get the point.

And this is the model that a classmate brought last week, seems that it takes more than one drawing for me to get the hang of whichever face I’m doing. I took her photo as well and drew this.

I would like to encourage you all to try something new, ya never know what kind of hidden talent you may have lurking behind the fear.

Now tell me my dear internets have you found a hidden talent that you didn’t know you had…a superb pony tail maker? an awesome table setter? lovery sofa lounger? best sweeper ever? bestest ever friend? magical music maker? Come on do tell...


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Paige .. ok I'll be nice?! Well done .. I think that's a great start .. if I could get remotely near that with drawing ..I'd be very happy!

I did buy two books on drawing .. on related the brain .. can't remember what it is now .. but once I'm settled and sorted .. I'll dig them out and have a go.

Interesting to give it a try .. creativity for now .. is tied up with my mother and writing .. both of which surprise me at how comfortable I feel with them - caring was something I'd not tried before ..

Enjoy the summer and more drawing .. and with your new blogger background - which is at least readable .. some have them & you can't read the post .. only once you go to comments - but yours doesn't bring upthe original post - but I can read it anyway .. fortunately .. Hilary

Jeni said...

I think what you are doing -taking this class, practicing the art of portraits, is a fantastic thing for you to do! I love the portrait you completed and posted here -very good! Keep playing around with this because the more you work/play with this, the better you will get, for sure!

Karin Bartimole said...

These are really terrific Paige,
I definitely see natural talent, which you will have lots of time to develop further while keeping your toe elevated ;~) Using black & white photos is a great idea. You're so right - you never know what fun can come from facing down a fear!!

zephra said...

Wow. That's pretty good.

ElizabethR said...

Paige that last drawing is wonderful. I bet you are going to turn out to be a natural artist. I've tried my hand a drawing, but didn't do so well. You've inspired me to try again :)

Jen said...

I love these!! I'm not a drawer at all but from what I see you have excellent talent!!!

Jannie Funster said...

Holy freaking cow, Woman! You have some freaking talent.

And my word for this is porked -- yes,my secret word!!!!

But back to this comment...

the difference between your first one and second is AMAZING. Keep on doin' gal! Keep on doing!

Did I mention my secret word is PORKED??






Dorraine said...

Good night, girl! You've got a painting genius. Really, if you're already doing work like this early on, I can't imagine how awesome you'll become. I'm so impressed.

Actually, I've wanted to take a painting class myself and did do a couple of oils on my own, but they stank. My kids loved them, but that doesn't count. I've been thinking about taking a class, so maybe I'll do that this year. You've inspired me, Paige!

Deanna Schrayer said...

Wow Paige, those sketches are fantastic! And this is only after one class? Keep on going for you DO have a natural talent here, and you may one day be selling your work on the side of the, you know what I mean. :)

I drew a lot as a child and my parents thought I was great at it, but, just as Drain's children's opinion didn't count, neither did my parents'. However, when my boys were toddling I discovered, (via having to do SOMETHING to keep from losing my mind), that I could actually paint. Not on canvas mind you, just murals on terra cotta pots, then the porch walls, then the boys' bedroom get the idea. I hardly ever do that any more, but when I'm feeling stressed the first thing I do is grab my paints and brushes, and of course one of those pieces of yard sale junk from the garage, and go to town.

I can't wait to see what you draw next!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Portrait drawings can be tough- All that moving, as you mentioned...
At least we see humans here, n figure out how they impressed upon the artist as forms-
At least you didn't have to draw naked folks like I had to in college! Talk about distracted...

I did some portraits of my girls at the time I thought they were terrible, but I was wrong- cause when I see them now, they exude n exaggerate emotions (they didn't want to pose).

I do have several life-sized bust (portrait) sculptures here tho- Clay, then cast in plaster. Did that a couple of years. I'm good at 3-D portraits.

Blue Bunny said...

deerist page in a book at blogspots.

i lieks yor drawings a lot.

you haz talints.



blue bunny

Blue Bunny said...

and now I all dried off from snorkling, and i fishing now.


sheila said...

Awesome! Great progression in your talent!

Anonymous said...

WOW I have are hard time drawing stick figures they still come out looking fat. I have a hard time with perportions the head is always to big and the hands look like gorillias hands on a kid. keep up the good work. look out Rembrandt