April 25, 2010

The Woodlands of Texas

I know, I know this was almost a month ago, but hey I have good reason for not telling y’all about it. Just give me a few minutes of your precious time and I’ll let ya know what that reason is.

Feature Artist

I love looking at and touching art even the pieces that are not necessarily pretty to me. We went to The Woodlands Art Fest back on April 11th and I had a good time. Looking and talking to some artist and taking a few pictures and what not. Nope I didn’t buy anything, I tend to be cheap these days. Speaking of which, I, for the life of me, can’t figure out why some of it cost so much. I mean come on $5,000.00 should get ya more than an unframed 24 x 36 painting. With that said I don't know what these artist prices were. (hint this is a disclaimer) Hah, I should be an artist!

Oh wait I am. Where’s my $5,000?

Beautiful dancers

So’s anyway I still love it. And I suppose they do need insurance and junk, and dear ol’ Uncle Sam insists that they pay taxes, and they need electricity to work by or even use in their art, and then there is the cost of materials for the art…holy cow it’s amazing how expensive some of the stuff I use is. No wonder they charge so much.

Now why did it take so long to post this, well I was busy planning to have lunch. Yes sometimes it takes a while to get up the nerve and set up a place and time and stuff. especially when one is meeting a blogging friend. Which I did. Go ahead ask me who… Okay already I’ll spill the cheese cake Dorriane Darden of Free Ice Cream. She is such a beautiful person! Inside and out, not that I saw her insides or anything. We talked about everything. Lunch took a while. We laughed and poked fun at people, not really I just thought it would peak your interest. Did it?

We did talk about Jai, who we have deemed to be a beautiful caring soul and it must be so, cause we said so. And back to Drain, she has studied hard to become the writer and author that she is, a struggle I’m sure some of you, my dear internets, can understand. Me, well I don’t study writing so much…with its intricacies of grammar and how to say it so that it’s understandable, by people other than one’s self. What the best’est way to write dialogue is and use a specific dialect while doing it. Not to mention the research that is involved, cause a good writer better base something on fact, even in fiction writing. IMO That is what helps to make stories believable. (in case you didn’t know) Holy dictionary ya know that is a lot of work. That’s why I write poetry - no grammar (not much, well by me anyways)

Oh in case you are curious the lunch was awesome, I highly recommend eating at the Cheesecake Factory. And according to dear Dorriane my accent is not that bad hick-i-fied!

Alas I have fallen behind, but just a bit on the PAD—don’t tell Robert. I’ll catch up, heck I bet it won’t take me 2 seconds. In fact I’m sure I’ll spend more time thinking about it than it will take me to write it. Y’all do believe me, right? ah, I know you do.

Now I’m off to the grind stone to sharpen my quills and pulverize some walnuts (for ink), after all I have to catsup. Oh shoot, where’s my paper making junk…


Jai Joshi said...


I was impressed by the pictures of the fair but I was super excited to hear that you met up with Dorraine. I've been wanting to do that for ages! We should all meet up together and get Cindy (gooblink) to come too. And Elizabeth. Texas writers unite!

Then when I read that the two of you talked about me I was amazed. Little ole me? How lovely you both are!

I'm so happy to hear you had a good time together.


Dorraine said...

Aww...Paige. You've gone and made me blush. It was such an honor to meet you! What a lovely person you are. And you did shine on the inside out, just like I thought you would. I could see that. Just so you guys know, she's every bit as charming as her funny observations on life. We must meet again soon.

Yes, Jai, we both agreed you are a special one. Quite wise for your young age. Love your idea of meeting up with everyone. I believe Deanna doesn't live far either. We could do a girls weekend in Wimberly, Tx. and tube the Guadalupe River. Or just eat, laugh and have a little vino.

Let's plan something! Thanks again Paige, for your loveliness. :-)

Jannie Funster said...

Wimberly, Texas!?! Yesss!!! That's only 45 mins form me!! Please let me know if you plan a meet!

I completely agree with Dorraine about your awesomeness, Paige!

Glad you had a great time!

I'm not much of a prose girl, either! So I admire it from afar!


sheila said...

How fun!!!!!!!!!!! My sister just moved not to far from there. (I think, lol)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Lucky you being close enough to visit blog folks! Sounds great- So was the being an artist- the 5k bux, n the artwork pics!

If I could get 5k for one piece, (I'd copy the heckouta it n sell those too-) all my troubles would melt away for a few months- but alas, times are hard! No one wants to spend lately.
That's why without the night job I'm up the creek (darn!)

Deanna Schrayer said...

I'm so envious of both you and Drain, Paige. I'd love to meet both of you, and of course Jai too, and Elizabeth, and...all you TX writers. But alas, I'm all the way up in VA, though just barely - right on the border of TN.
How I wish we hadn't already booked our condo for vacation, (to Tybee Island, GA); I'd talk the hubby into coming down there to meet y'all. I've only been to TX once, and that was Dallas/Ft. Worth. We were in a hurry to leave, but only because we were with relatives for three whole days - who wouldn't be?! It wouldn't a mattered where we were.

Maybe someday...

Jennifer Strauss-Myers said...

Lunch sounded wonderful! That's so awesome you two got together.....And how could you NOT talk about Jai! Of course you all would plan a get together after I MOVED from the Southwest! I woulda' driven a days drive to spend time with all of you, would have been nothing less than an honor! SIGH,..but now you guys just have to make a trip to the Philly area, door is always open, for any of you! You have a warm free bed available to you whenever, if ever you need it!


Dorraine said...

Deanna, why was I thinking you lived close? Wishful thinking on my part, I guess.

Jennifer, why did you have to go and move? Oh, well, who knows, maybe we'll all meet up one day. Stranger things have happened. :-)

Deanna Schrayer said...

Drain, maybe you thought I lived close because of my "voice" - it's a lot more southern than would be expected for our area, or maybe it's because I believe I may have lived in Biloxi in a previous life, (which I'm pretty sure I've mentioned on my blog). Who knows, but I sure do wish it were true - that we lived closer.