April 7, 2010


Well spring made it to our house and the plum trees bloomed, then the pear and finally the nectarine. Will we get any fruit? If we do will the squirrels beat us to them? Who knows, now it’s summer. Yes already. Spring was about 2 days then bam-a-lang muggy summer fell upon us.

We worked in the yard all day! I bet our neighbors are glad because the front yard looks 100% better. I’m not joking when I say it really looked like crap. Ya know just like the yard of an abandoned house and really I guess it sorta was. We had not done anything since they cut the tree down in October, but now it’s all better. The rose has a bud on it, I planted tomatoes in the flower bed where the hibiscus used to be, before it froze and refroze.

And as I type this post the phone company is laying new Fiber Optic Lines you will never believe where…that’s right in our back yard. Which, by the way, just happens to be where the fruit trees are and the shed. Yes folks this survey reading, mortgage document specialist put a shed and trees, oh and a little vegetable bed right in the 10 foot utility easement. Yes my dear internets I knew where it was, but the service poles on are the other side of the fence, so the odds were in our favor that that it would be no big deal-e-oh at all. Did I mention they are “laying” fiber optic lines-- underground? Yeah they are digging in the back yard as I type. But not to worry they are using this hammer do-hicky that is in a hose thingy that pounds it’s way though the ground. It seems to just be vibrating the ground near the trees and under the veggi bed. And who knows maybe they’ll like it, y’all know all that shaking and rocking what-not. I’m not that big on the work part, but I like the sitting and admiring part don’t you?

So have you gotten the chance, weather, to work in your yard? Do you have a yard?


Snaggle Tooth said...

I worked on raking up some of the many branches about 2 weeks ago- picked up alot of the neighbors strewn garbage, n puttered on the deck with flower pots today.
My neighbors have ruined what used to be a nice yard. When they aren't home n I am, I'll work on the raking out the garden sections more-

If folks dug up my yard- I'd ne pretty angry! Gope your fruit trees do ok! Pretty flower pic!
Good Luck! Happy Instant Summer!
(can I have some?)

Jen said...

I wish I had a yard but instead I have a huge apartment overlooking the freeway it's actually really nice though one day I'd like the big yard, kids, the dog you know the whole family!!!

Spring has arrived! Woohoo! Looks like you did good work on your yard! The flowers are pretty!

Blue Bunny said...

oh noes, yor shedd!! oh wel, it all werks oute.

i loves plums, neckterines and tomatoes!! i LOVES them all soooooo mutch!!

I bet yor frunt yard looks so nise! my jannie's yard is acshully looking beter and beter all the times. my jimmy bin werking a lots. soon my jannie posting fotos of it. i hops, soon! my jannie's minde do wandir a bit sumtiems wen she maeking a plan, butt she hart in a good plase, i thinks. :)

yes, sumer is heer too -- yuck! i not lieks the heets.

butt it lieks beets!

and i lieks yoo!! hoo-woo!!!


Jeni said...

Mandy tried to clean up a bit of the yard, straighten up some stuff but still a whole lot needs to be done. Plus, I need to get the SIL to get me some more fill and mulch to increase the size of the area where I had my veggie garden last year as it was way too small.
On the floral side, my daffodils and tulips are up but only one tulip blooming thus far. The funny thing -the daffodils came up while there was still almost a foot of snow laying on the ground just in front of them! Go figure.

Jai Joshi said...

Oh no! Your poor plants.

This post made me laugh in a horrified way. I could hear the drill going and feel the house shaking. And see you sitting at your laptop with a fixed look of resignation.


Dorraine said...

What gorgeous pics of the budding trees! Yes, we did have about two days worth of cool and now summer is here. Later this week spring is peeking in again, though.

Which means, I'll be putting on my garden gloves once again. We have a huge bed out front and another in back. All flowers. Well, what's left of them. My passion vine even froze but I cut it down and see a little green something something sprouting at the bottom. Yay! It lives.

Love the sitting and admiring part. When can we do that, Paige?

Deanna Schrayer said...

Oh yes, this reminds me of about this time last year, when the loggers Finally finished cutting down the numerous mature trees in our back yard, which is basically just a big steep hill. We have 2 acres, 1 of which is nothing but hilly, and they left the biggest mess! It took us all summer to straighten it out.
And then came winter, when we pay no attention. I got out last weekend and mowed, but had to stop every few feet to pick up the plastic bowls our dog deposits where he pleases, (these would be the ones that I give our cat her treats in and then they "mysteriously" disappear. I swang to my soul I feel like our home looks so rednecky in the wintertime and I hate it. I can't wait to get out and dig in the dirt. I would've done so already if I'd had some time. Hopefully I can do that this weekend, if'n it's not raining like it is now. I'll definitely be planting tomatoes - I LOVE me some good maters!
Thanks for sharing the lovely photos Paige! Pictures of spring always lifts my heart.

ElizabethR said...

I hate to admit it, but I am not good at gardening and all that. I usually end-up doing more damage than helping matters. We have a plain lawn, some oak, mesquite, ash, palm, pine trees and some cacti. The trees I prune and they do okay, but flowers or flowering shrubs never make it under my care.

sheila said...

uhhhhhhhhh that sucks!
We started our yardwork last week when it was 85. You know, do it while it's hot and sticky...rather than this week when it's 60. duh.

Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

Poor baby! X as needed.

Typing w/taped fingers again.

Yor sad stry reminds me of when the co. put in sewers, but ended it several feet from our property line. Then the co. commanded us to hook up. To hook up to the sewer, I mean. Some of you have filthy minds!

I have little yard. No grass. I let fallen leaves & wood chips from the dead tree (removed) cover the bumpy (roots) L-shaped "yard". I do have some wildflowers about to bloom. Bachelor buttons, I hope. S'okay tho, whatever they are. I love wildflowers.

When we got fiber optics a few years ago, they just tore up the street. Again. And again.

Dapoppins said...

Will you come and work in my yard for me, pretty please? My dad and his wife were over saying how we ought to do all sorts of things in the yard, and why don't we, and making us feel like we should when we hadn't. Because I never have as that is not something I feel the need to do. Until someones make me feel guilty about it.