April 3, 2010

and the WINNERS are...

Thank you all for coming, this was fun for me especially since I got to eat & drink the leftovers. All right here we go.

The prize winners from my Stupid Blog Party. Okay I want y’all to know I worked very, very hard on these prizes, well except for the one totally “store bought item” See here I am making some prize winner cards…

Instead of doing something like this

Drum  roll Please –

Dorriane - Free Ice Cream guessed the closest to what I poured the hot bubbling grease into she said “a thin plastic bowl” And actually it was a thin plastic cake icing tub. What was I thinking? N~O~T cause is was such a terrible mess to clean. In fact I think that countertop in my old house is still greasy. Some of your guesses were really Stupid.

Deanna - Deanna's Blog was drawn as a winner for the Stupid Blog Party Attendees Category

In My Comments Category the winner is Elizabeth - Ramblings

And out of the Party Attendee’s’ Commenter Category the winner is Susan Fields, who commented on Jai Josi's Tulsi Tree (ah, ha y’all say “I didn’t know one of my commenters could win a prize” Surprise, says I.

And the last prize winner’s name that was drawn from all remaining attendees’ and commenters both here and on party attendee’s blogs goes to Jai - Jai Josi's Tulsi Tree

Please be sure to provide me with your mailing address (paigevonliber at gmail dot com) and I’ll get the prizes out to y’all soon. Oh but first I have  to draw from my crown which prize goes to who, or should that be whom? See to be fair (cause I’m that way) winners and their prizes were randomly drawn.

Oh y’all want to know what the prizes are? I’ll leave it up to the winners to divulge their prize when it arrives at their home. But I know how curious my dear internets are so here’s a photo of the most awesome’est, coolest, to die for prizes. EVER

In the back is a white store bought apron, I added the sweet pocket and my blog logo. Then starting at the left and moving toward the right there is a shapely wooden box (painted by moi) with some of my handmade papers inside. A totally store bought egg separator, which is the stupidest thing ever. A blank book I made from a recycled calendar photo and some of my handmade papers. And a handmade bookmark is somewhere in there. I hope y’all enjoy. I have to run I'm expecting the Easter Bunny soon, but first one question for y'all dear internets...

Who is having the next blog party and what’s it gonna be?


sheila said...

Who knew you were so crafty???????
Next year I'll remember to do this. If I'm reminded. lol. I'm not a spring chicken you know. ha ha

Jen said...

Yay to the winners!! I am so sorry that I forgot to participate!! Ugh I get so wrapped up in things and forget!

Susan Fields said...

Wow - I won a prize for a party I didn't even know I was at, cool! I'll email you my address right away. Thanks!

Jai Joshi said...

I win a prize? I win a prize! Woo-hoo! I'll email you my address pronto.

Please let my prize be the apron. Please let my prize be the apron. Please let my prize be the apron.


ElizabethR said...

Wow Paige, I won a prize !!! Yeah! Doing a wee happy dance. Too bad you can't see it y'all. :)

Dorraine said...

Wow, I won something! Very cool, Paige. Thank you. The Stupid Blog Party was a hoot. Email address coming soon.

Jen said...

I have an award for you over at my blog!

MargaretR said...

Missed that one Paige. Now I'm the one to be jealous :) How did you think of such a great idea?

Deanna Schrayer said...

Real prizes! Paige, you are just too cool! Thanks so much, and my address is on the way. I'll take anything of course, cause one shouldn't be picky, but oh how I'd love to have that homemade book, (since Jai has obviously already claimed the apron). :) But anything really - it is so sweet of you to think of all of us.

We do need to think on who will host the next party and what it's for. Don't know why, but I'm thinking a birthday party - maybe write about the best or worst party we've ever gotten or given. Who has the next birthday? Mine's in August. But surely someone can be more creative than that. A few upcoming crazy days - 04/29 is "National Dance Day", 04/30 is "National Honesty Day", 05/03 is Paranormal Day" (we could tell ghost stories), 05/07 is "No Pants Day" - yep, that's what I said.
Paige, I think you should post a voting poll.

Thanks so much for all the fun, and the prizes!

Blue Bunny said...

wow, yoo is so generiss!!

and not reel brite over that thin plastic bole thing. :)

my jannie allways doing funnie things too, liek smasing the botom of a micksing bole wit a wooding spoon, thinkingn she was krushing wallnuts, butt krushing the bole insted.

my jannie wil be sending yoo a gifft soon to yor p.o. box, just becus the lieking yoo so mutch.