March 21, 2010

Today was...

Well my dear internets, you will be glad to know that today I blogged. Okay so I blogged again, well some more then. Not only did I busy myself writing this oh so time consuming post, but I dropped by over at Vanilla Carmel - I have been reading her since almost the beginning of my blog addictivity, very family-friends kinda blogger. For some fine fiction it was Powder Burns & Bullets. I have several writer friends that I read and this is one ‘em. Speaking of writerly blogs when was the last time you popped over A Writer’s Edge, huh? All bloggers could use a bit of going over the edge. And let’s not forget to put a little art into our lives by a visit to Magstich. Then it was off to Deanna's Blog – which is purdy delightful, and in case you may be hungry you can try a little Crusty Beef. Please tell I sent ya :-)

So after blogging for a bit, who knows how long really as time just fades away when one is blogging, ya know. I stepped outside for a few minutes to see how the solar meter was running. Oh , so you’re interested too? Okay it was going full sun ahead which makes the electric meter run backwards. I still get a kick outta that. Then I danced around the living room by myself to my Ipod and then I did some laundry and started the dishwasher. I mean come on someone has to wash the dishes and it might as well be the dishwasher. Right?

Who washes dishes at your house or do y'all use paper plates or maybe eat out?

Oh, please don't forget to grab your award/badge; thingy-no stringes


Jen said...

Love links!!! Awesome peepsters!!! Love those little guys!

ElizabethR said...


You have solar! I've wanted to put solar power on/in my house for years. Are you happy with the results you are getting from it?

Keep dancing:)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

The solar meter! Wow!

Dapoppins said...

ooo, keep us updated on the solar. And the dishes.

Now I have linkies to visit.

And a stupid thing to think of. It is going to take me days.

Stephen said...

Hey there, Paige! Thank you for the Super Peeps Club nod. I appreciate that. Just so I have it straight, the award goes to other bloggers who have made a positive influence in your life, is that right?

Jannie Funster said...

What a super-fine-and-nice blogger you are to link up those peeps!! I can't wait to pop in on all of them.

Bloggaddictiveness? Never could imagine such a thing possibly even exist. :)

Now wait, is that the solar meter you are reflected in there, or a pot lid??


my word's acurbra!!




Jannie Funster said...

duh Jannie. "Doing The Laundry" just like the picture is labeled!


Cecilia said...

Thanks for the mention, Paige! Much appreciate it.

Jeni said...

You have solar power? AWESOME! I'd give my right eye tooth (if I still even had one to give, that is) to see our electric meter run backwards, for sure.
Now as to the dishes -most of the time I am truly the chief cook AND bottle washer but every now and again, Mandy does surprise me and gives me a break against a really, really bad case of dishpan hands. Paper plates though -now this is a family joke here that Mandy would, if she could get away with it, serve all meals on paper plates, that how much she truly hates to wash dishes. LOL

Snaggle Tooth said...

Wonder what happens with solar if it rains all week?
(it has here)
Nice reading referals, thanks!
I hafta wash dishes by hand- good thing it's only me n Mischief!
Happy blog week!
Still having trouble writing silly stories- due to tax time- I think-

Have a good week!

... Paige said...

solar in the rain, if it is bright enough it stills rolls (has to do with UV rays & all that science type junk)

and yes the photo is from Inside the washing machine, cool huh?

oh yes, yes positive infulences to be sure :-0

have a great mid week kinda day, y'all!

Jai Joshi said...

I wish I could eat out every day and never have to do dishes. Unfortunately that would probably lead to an unhealthy lifestyle so I stay with home cooked meals.

We have a dishwasher but I'm not opposed to handwashing. It depends if there's enough to fill the washer.


sheila said...

Dang! backwards for real? INcredible!

Deanna Schrayer said...

Paige, I'm so sorry for being late in getting here to say thank you for the shout out, but I do thank you very much! It means so much to me that you think I'm a super peep. :)
I've a little break this morning from all the chaos - thank the Good Lord above - so thought I'd get back to read my fav peeps.
I would so love to see the meter run backwards! As it is here, the people in my house have no idea how to turn off lights or TVs when they leave a room, so the meter is constantly going The Wrong Direction full blast!
We do a mixture here, depending on how I feel usually. I cook on a good day, and hubby brings home take-out on a bad day. We use the dishwasher, (when those same electricity wasters can find it), except for my pots and pans, which I do by hand. If I catch a pot or pan in my dishwasher, somebody pays!
Thank you again, not only for the shout out, but for your positive thoughts and prayers - they're working!