March 5, 2010

Broken Beer Bottles

About a week or so ago, time runs together these days. I painted the inside of the fireplace. Back story is…When all the work was being done last fall/winter the gas logs became covered in dust and debris. I took them out to clean ‘em. Those gas logs are now in a box as we had, Prior To Lay Off (PTLO), ordered some of that fire glass stuff. On accounta when I took out the logs Beloved thought it would be cool if we put in glass instead of using the logs. Yeah that would be nice I thought, cause I want to be cool and all that while sitting in the living room with a roaring fire.

So here is before

Here is after paint

Yes we kept the logs for when we want logs again. It’s called hording. Have y’all seen that show on TV? Sure you have, I feel so bad for those people. I mean they have attached very valid emotions and memories to everything including trash. Bless their hearts. You know we are pack rats, as in I can pack a semi truck full of crap in a regular sized pickup, but we are not official horders in the clinical sense. No more like the ‘ooh, I might need this latter’ or ‘hey, that looks so cool let’s get it for when we redo the old one’; yeah horders like that. Which really means I’ll put up the ceramic logs and label the box so when we are gone our children can come in and fight over the antique fire logs, cause you know they will be priceless by then. And you, my dear internets, know it too.

And here’s our hearth with the fire glass.

This stuff is supposed to be more efficient than the logs anyway. No really that’s what my research said…the ceramic logs don’t really “hold” heat therefore it doesn’t transfer out into the room. Whereas and therefore (fancy a$$ed lawyer type words) the glass will hold the heat and transfer it out into the room more efficiently than its predecessor. Here’s the low down on the StarFire Direct, it is recycled, tempered for heat and tumbled to remove the sharp edges. Sorta like the glass they used at the fancy hotel in Marathon, The Gage Hotel, in their garden paths that is. Pretty cool stuff for a bunch of broken bottles somebody found behind a beer joint.

FTC Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post of any kind… unless you count the smile on my face and my Beloved’s arm around me as we sit and gaze at the flames.


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Ohhhhhhhhh coooooooooool!

Seems I remember some blog showing something like this, in a restaurant. Narrow things of blue glass/flame running along places, in the eating place. Or something. Remember I'm old so the memory can't necessarily be fully functioning. -grin-

Very cooooool!!!!


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Re: PTLO ... Hope you are getting unemployment. But know the biggie is Ins.

Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

And glass holds and radiates heat better than ceramic, huh? Who woulda thunk it?

Thanks for leaving some kind words at A Writer's Edge for me to get all up into. Nice and cozy in this Happy Friday!

Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

Oh! I forgot I came to tell you: guess what???!!!

That's right! Someone has started an ATC Meetup here in San Diego. First meeting is a trading session in three weeks. I'm hoping they will jump start my new hobby...maybe when I unwind myself from this blog.

Jannie Funster said...

OH, i HAD NO IDEA, shoot all caps there.


I had no idea glass could be used like that. It looks Super Cool!!!

Awesome Paige.

I cannot watch that hoarders show, sorry, I tuned in a bit and got depressed for those souls.


Jai Joshi said...

How fascinating! I'd never even considered such a thing before. I'll have to research more on this stuff.


Snaggle Tooth said...

I thought you were gonna tell us you broke the glass youselves, but first someone had to drink all the booze!

Ah yes, it is pretty to see....I saw it on tv on the "New England Dream Homes" show-
I've got no fireplace in here, darn!

Blue Bunny said...

page!!!!! look at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! snaggel givved me a andee warhall maeking over!!! and a award.

I nevver knewed evin I cood be this good looking.



Deanna Schrayer said...

I love it! What a cool idea - now I know what to do with all those bottles sitting in the garage. :)
I can't watch the hoarders show, it scares me too much because I'm on the verge of being one myself. It was finally nice enough out yesterday for me to clean my screened porch, (had to give it to the dog when it was so cold last month and he tore it to Hades). In the process I rediscovered several yard sale "finds" and thought up all new ideas for them. So the ladderback chair without a seat and the antique window frame are propped in their little corner of the porch just waiting for me to have time and another pretty day to do something creative with them.
Thanks so much for this lovely post Paige. I hope you're enjoying your mini-vacation, (let's call it something positive).

Karin Bartimole said...

I've been by a couple times now, trying to decide just how cool I think the glass is! Pretty dang cool, and adding it's higher functionality makes it even better - but either way, your story telling cracked me up :) I think I'm a border line hoarder, convincing myself that there will come a day that I will need or want to use blackened ceramic logs somewhere, somehow, perhaps in a landscaping project? We're preparing to finish our now storage space attic, and just thinking about it makes my inner hoarder breathe a little more shallowly...

Dapoppins said...

are you telling me I have the wrong log?

sheila said...

That is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

my verification is 'shize'. lol

Linda said...

Cool... I mean HOT! Never heard of glass logs, and hoping we can use in our place (sending hubbers off to investigate).

I hoard books and words.

Hope all is well, and congrats on getting a top 5 poem of a day in last year's PAD Challenge. Peace, Linda

... Paige said...

OMG! I did? are you sure it was Me...holy moley

IT WAS ME, wow little 'ol me with the Art of Love

that is so Sweet

Thanks for making me look :-)