February 15, 2010

And there I was

all ready to be home, never once giving any thought to the million boxes that needed to be unpacked. Y’all remember the those, of course you do. You have an awesome memory, unlike moi, who could only think of sleeping my own bed again. Sheesh

Oh yes, my dear internets I know this post about coming home is a bit overdue, but look I have all these great, no super duper good, okay just 10 reasons for putting it off…

First when we got home, it smelled really weird, varnish and paint and grout and closed up/not lived in kind of weird (not to be confused with old people smell weird)

Second I had to go to work the next day. Yeah, yeah I know I’m working from home now and one would think that would be better and easy. Not quite easy…ya see you can’t leave your desk for too long between files. Holy Cow what if someone emailed or called and you didn’t answer for what could be considered “too long” than you would have this whole “what were you doing” kind of thing issue and well better leave the homework for after working hours. No seriously!

Third all the work was not complete-ie cabinets weren’t stained, stove/microwave/washer/dryer/hot water heater not in (no bathing for a few days)

Forth once the above was finished it was time for me to go “train” for my job. I know trudging out during rush hour sucked. I mean come on my dear internets I hadn’t driven for some time (think October y’all) OMG the crazy people on the roads thought the speed limit was really, really slow, but you and I know it’s not.

Fifth the stove finally got in and then wouldn’t you know it Beloved expected ME to use it. You can find a shot of hat first meal cooking over here. Heck I still haven’t figured out how to use all the fancy buttons and gadgets on it.

Sixth now that I was trained (half a$$ed) I was busy performing my new work duties. Freaking out cause I needed supplies and having to figure out what I needed and ordering it and trying to set up my office efficiently, trying to get a routine going and the stress of all that on my weak self. Geeze, ya know? (don’t answer that)

Seventh, so there I was before and after work trying to unpack kitchen crap, find new homes for it. The boxes were not marked for contents and many contained a mishmash of stuff, of which I have weeded through and now have 3 boxes of junk to get rid of. I think I have unpacked it all. Whew!

Eighth I’m going crazy with trying to find crap and thereby move it to where I now think it should be. My poor family thinks I’m just a crazy a$$ed lady who wants to keep the whereabouts of everything kitchen related a secret. But that is so NOT true, really it’s not. Cause someone other then me needs to sweep all this tile!

Ninth laundry had to be done. Of course I had to learn how to use the new washer and dryer and then I had to show baby girl, she was scared of ‘em. Between you and me I don’t blame her one little bit.

Tenth, I bet you thought I would never get here. I have had to sleep and use the toilet and bathe, not that I have shaved my legs at all this whole year, but soon my Beloved, I will.

Okay so where are the pictures you ask, well ya did, didn’t ya? Now that I have all the above outta the way I can wrap my mind around making things pretty and then I’ll show you all. There are some "during" photos scattered at my 365 Views by Me blog.

Oh did I mention all the books I had to read (How to Manuels) and all those warranty cards that needed filling out and mailing…

Oh but it all is so much fun, like being a newlywed and all that neat discovery stuff.


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Yeah how rode... Get a new thing like a stove, and they expect you to learn to use it! Reallllllllly... ,-)

Sounds that even tho you are "in," you still have a lot of work cut out for you, to be really, "settled." Courage! ;-)

Dorraine said...

So happy that you're finally home, Paige! It's been a long, hard journey for you, I know.

Kickin' nice office! Sweet. It's all up from here. :-)

Zephra said...

I am glad all that is finally done. I know it was a long struggle but I hope totally worth it.

I didn't realize you were in real estate too. I would love to talk to you a little more about it. It is an interesting business and I am enjoying it but I admit, working from home sometimes gets me off track with all the distractions from kids, husband, and life. E mail me sometime and let's chat or if you are on facebook maybe we can become friends.

ElizabethR said...

You are a hoot! You never fail to have me laughing.
I love your sense of humor.


sheila said...

The new stove is 'purdy' (saw it on your 365) :)

Happy cooking.

Jai Joshi said...


I awarded you an Honest Scrap Award for your blog. Check out my latest blog post to collect it.


Jeni said...

And I'm just plain relieved for you, with you -whatever terms you wish to use there -that you are back home and things are getting back to an ordered status for you again!
Cheers and Peace!

Jannie Funster said...

I just shaved my legs for the first time in months the other day!

Sounds like those 3 boxes of junk needed new homes, so something great came of that whole mess-sorting deal. i have so many boxes needing that kind of TLC.

Clicked your new stove, off to your 365s now.


80s Queen said...

Ahhhh, nothing beats sleeping in your own bed.
Glad you are back in your own pad!

Cecilia said...

Paige is back home! Yay!

Blue Bunny said...

deere pagie,

i love yoo! did i menshun that lately to yoo?

and i also love karrits, grapes, lemmins, oringes, apels, lettis, hay and dansing wit the stairs.


Tammy said...

Hey. My blogging has been hit and miss since school started back. I am swamped with crap to do. But, every time I pop over here I am reminded of how much I miss reading your blogs. You crack me up, silly. :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Sure- pick my busy 9-days-in-a-row of work to start rapid fire posts again! (only kidding)!
I did see some of those during the work pics over on the photo blog, as you know.

Congrats on getting thru those boxes n relocating goodies- that's so much thought work! Yikes-
Glad home is functioning again!

Deanna Schrayer said...

I can't tell you how glad I am to hear that not only you, but at least one reader, only shaves legs every now and again. Whew!
I know exactly what you mean about working from home and can back you up 100%. I work from home too, and we even have IM, so if I don't respond within a few seconds I'm sure those co-workers are thinking "What the heck is she doing, scrapbooking or something?" Me? Umm, no, I would never do that during work hours. Writing on the other hand.... uh, nevermind.
So glad you're back home and have much to keep your mind busy. You're doing better than I am. I've had my office finished for what, 9 months or so now, and there are still boxes sitting under the counter that need sorting through. But I figure if I haven't missed something yet, I probably won't miss it anytime soon.
Ok, I'll quit rambling now. Have fun rejuvinating your home smell!