January 4, 2010

O' lookie see

Silly title for my first real post of the year twenty ten. Good news for those who follow my recovery, I was able to put my bra on all by myself on the first day of this great new year. I know, I can see the excitement in your eyes. Yes all the way from this side of my screen. My Beloved has been hooking it up for me all this time and unhooking it too. Oh la la What a man!

Our kitchen, dinning, living room and my office have been painted! I know it is really hard to contain your excitement as it is mine.

Wait there’s more, we have ordered the stove (coming Saturday), the cabinet dude has taken measurements and it appears we are on our way to actually getting the repairs done to our long forgotten home. Man, are the hotel people going to miss us. That is a straight up statement not a question.

I mean holy cow my dear internets this crazy a$$ may get to move back home soon. I think we may need a moving van to get all our crap out of the hotel house. Which is kinda sad cause now that I don’t have stitches I can actually use the heated pool. Well that is if I was to put on a bathing suit, but who am I kidding besides you. I don't have the guts. Ok so maybe I do have guts and that is the problem with the suit…too much gut. It’s okay laugh if you want to, I’ll only know if you tell me.

And here is something, I mean someone I found…

While reading over at Six Sentences I came across this 6S piece by James Vest, Forever loving blues. It is sad and very moving. Please drop by and read and don’t forget to let James know how much you liked it, as I’m sure you will.

Now let’s get out there and make this the best, absolute bestest year ever, it has already started out purdy good!

EDIT to add that the 2009 Weblog Awards are off you can read about it here


Jai Joshi said...

I cracked up thinking about you putting on your bra all by yourself. You poor thing! It must have been much more fun having your husband hook it on and off.

That's brilliant news that you might be moving home soon. Hotels are great but they're not home and don't I know it. Best wishes that it all happens soon.


Snaggle Tooth said...

I liked your too much guts joke! I'm really brave, I'd just jump in with a t-shirt over the suit! Yep, that one figures-
Glad the remodeling is going well-everything will be so spiffily-new for you-
Hope it's not really cold there too.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

WooT!!! Self-bra hooking! And house moving along! You are just too much, at this beginning of the year 2010. [And that's twenty-ten, by me.]

With all this great beginnings going on here, please come over and see a different side of 'Ol' Auntie'... ,-)


ElizabethR said...

Congratulations Paige! Hooking and unhooking all by yourself! You go girl:)

The paint work looks fantastic. It's putting me in the
mood to do some of that here.


Jannie Funster said...

Did somebody say bra?? :)

you can fling it a by yourself too?

New paint looks great -- I AM excited!! We've been through many many painting sessions over the years and it always makes me happy.

A heated pool? Sounds just perfect this time of the year. Why not go enjoy it in long tee and Capri tights?? But fie, fie on that -- you are just beautiful and wonderful exactly as you are, Paige. Your outwardness does not matter , who you are inside is all.


sheila said...

Glad you are doing better with the hand. ANd I cannot WAIT 2 C your kitchen when it's done!!!!!

Ji said...

What a humor,
it is real, right?

I cannot help smiling when I think about how you would get the job done...

keep us laughing and happy.

happy 2010.

... Paige said...

sometimes I wonder if real is a real thang. I suppose it is real, but humor, I just don't know.

Can't exactly "fling" yet but hooking YES

And I so can't wait to see my kitchen too!

Jennifer Myers said...

Oh Paige! You tickle me so! I've been trying to catch up on all the bloggers out there, and I have to say, I'm a bit confused about all the things going on in your life, so I have to keep scrolling down to fill in all the blanks. Giggling uncontrollably at your humor. You are a real treat!

Dorraine said...

Get it, Paige! I'm so excited for you, not only the bra thingie, but certainly the end to your long ordeal. It's going to be so great for you to be back in your freshly painted comfy home. Raising my glass in a toast now.

Deanna Schrayer said...

Unless one has been there one cannot appreciate what a Really Big Deal it is to hook one's own bra. So happy for you Paige! And your home is looking absolutely lovely.
I know what you mean about the bathing suit thing - I haven't worn one in public for about five years now, but I'm sure you look adorable in one, so get it on and take advantage of that pool before you head back home.
I hope the rest of 2010 brings much more happiness and great health to you!