January 9, 2010

and World Peace

I know this is out dated, but I blame my condition of pain and laziness for not posting it prior to now. Ah come on my dear internets you love me in spite of it.

Peace was in the news due to the holiday season and O’s acceptance of the Prize. The nomination was made because of what he aspired to be and do, that that somehow was enough; that because he was the first mixed race to be elected here in the U.S. it proved his motive and work for peace. True he did say he had not done anything to actually receive the honored award, but…

Yet he accepted it and that is the part that embarrass’ me as an American.

Since when did this award become the Nobel Peace Prize for what you MIGHT do?

In my opinion he should have shown his gratitude for the nomination (as that would be the ethical and proper thing to do), but also declined the nomination because of his actual lack of having done nothing to deserve it. Yes, I’ll say it my dear internets, O should have passed on the nomination and let it go to someone who HAD actually done something towards Peace and the betterment of humanity.

Should I dare mention the prize money? Okay, I will, he cannot keep the monies as that is not legal, not that that has stopped him from doing other illegal things…so anyways the plan is that he will donate it to charity. Hum, wonder how much the Committee will be paid to figure out what the worthy charity is?

And so much for the Nobel Peace Prize, I suppose now it can be called the Intent for Peace Prize;

Sorta like the age old joke of the beauty pageants… {picture Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality} fluttering away tears, covering heart, adjusting the sash and saying “I really do want world peace!”

End of rant ah taint tant

Okay so maybe I need Peace you know how I get when we are awaiting news of Beloved's test every 3 months and it's that time again.


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Jannie Funster said...

But he DOES want peace, he sent boys and girls to war. Just pointing out the hypocrisy in his accepting the prize.

I bet the money gets donated to Acorn?? :)

nice mirror!!

xo to the 3 of you

sheila said...

I agree with your view of the acceptance or rather, that yes, he should not have accepted. As for peace in's gonna take alot to unravel the mess he was left with upon the departure of the last Prez.

That is one big giant mess. I seriously think that nomination was a stab at Bush and shun of the rest of the world during his 'reign'.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...


And I betcha' you really wanted to take the picture, with your pointer finger folded down. Betcha' that would have said your views, much better.

You know... The old one... With a pic of said finger... And the words; ", and the horse you rode in on." >,-) Wow, I haven't seen that Icon in a long time!

Never on Pretty Blog Land blogs. But on Live Journal, it appears. -grin-

And how great to see this post here, just when my blood pressure had made me stop even posting my Sidebar links to News. -sigh- Yeah, the old ticker was trying to tell me, to cool it. But I so hate to have to cool it and stop following all the Conservative blogs and news. But... Self preservation is the first Law.

Best of good wishes, for a good report, coming your way, on your Beloved's tests.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Let's hope it's a good decade.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I felt the same way about the Intent of Peace award!
I for one remember the peace sign n John Lennon well.

O should donate the money to the national debt he's run up!

Here's to peaceful test results!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Oh, how right you are my dear Paige, my sentiments exactly on that Peace Prize and it's so embarrassing to have one of our presidents win that way, with intent only. He should have declined the prize and the money.

I know how those every 3 months test results can be and I hope your Beloved receives good results.

Thomma Lyn said...

Argh, yes. I agree with you that the Peace Prize should be awarded on the basis of accomplishments, not on expectations.

And I too am hoping for peaceful test results!