November 30, 2009

On the homefront

I know, I have not given you any updates on my kitchen and it’s not that I have not wanted to share it’s just that I have had nothing to share. We have had a time getting the contractor and the adjuster get together and then ya throw in there holidays and before you know it nothing has been done. I have picked out some things but not made a final decision. I can’t, not without knowing what my budget is. That and the contractor is a flake, he has taken the attitude that this is a $50k job when it is not. I mean come on my dear internets what does he think we are, dumb a$$’. I think not! I have done and been around construction for over 20 years, hell I owned a remodeling company and if I had the physical ability to do it I could so do it, hangin sheetrock, tape and float, texture, paint, laying tile all except electrial.

Oh my dear internets I am tired and my family is tired of living in a hotel!

Ok so we found out that a guy in our car club actually does this kind of work so we called him and he is working up a price for us. We intend to let this other crazy contractor go, he has not done much of any work and in fact when Rick was out looking and measuring he found where the contractor was working on something and was using the wrong kind of pipe, one that was not rated to code. It would endanger our safety and we just can’t have that. And I sit here typing this without knowing how it’s gonna come out…

Is our hotel stay going to be extended? Are we going get a contractor that will actually do the work? Are we going be home for Christmas? And if so will we have enough work done to put up our tree?

Perhaps my lesson here, is endurance? So don’t cry for me Argentina nor anywhere on the www cause my new name is Patience and Endurance is my game!

I hope all y’alls shopping went well, I don’t do the whole “black Friday” thing, all those people trampling and grabbing is just too scary for me.

But still I’m curious what kind of deal-e-os did y’all get?


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Sounds you were lucky to find out about and get rid of that first contractor guy. Good luck with the new one.

You are really living in a hotel? Or you are just being funny, about lack of kitchen? We lived here, while husband and son re-did our kitchen so that's why I ask.

... Paige said...

Yes really in a hotel, the flooding involved 2 exterior walls plus the one between the kitchen and the garage.

air is flowing freely between the outside and the inside and today it's cold at 45F

Read all y'all soon

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Your room does look tilted!

Dorraine said...

It will work out for you, Paige. You have certainly had some trials. I'd be blubbering by now. I'm so hoping you can celebrate Christmas at home. Fingers and toes crossed.

No Black Friday shopping for this one. I'll gladly pay the extra to avoid standing in lines and people who have just rolled out of bed. No thanks.

Thomma Lyn said...

Hang in there, Paige -- I hope you can get out of that hotel and back home soon.

Did just a bit of Black Friday shopping, but only to get groceries. Scurried back home ASAP, lol! :)

sheila said...

Good luck on your project and hopefully the new contractor is better!

I don't shop for BF. I do CM only. LOTS of gr8 deals!

Jannie Funster said...

Paige!! That looks pretty major indeed.

My Jim likes to lay pipe.

I hope Blue Bunny wakes up soon to get on over here for a visit


Snaggle Tooth said...

I'd boot out that lousy-pipe-user so fast! You deserve better- good luck with the club guy. At least he pron won't rob you.

Shop? I can't even go in for tylenol cus there's so many cars in the parking lot, I got trapped n was late for work today!
It's crazy in there- gotta wait for money anyhow (rent week). Got a Bday boy party next week- am looking for Transformer deals... haven't seen any.

Ya- it's icy scrape the car here tonight, never mind the gusty ac at your place- At least get the walls up to avoid sleeping with the racoons!

Guess all you want for Xmas is the house back!

cindy said...

Oh, man. I feel for you. Our bathroom shower is leaking and I'm not looking forward to pulling that apart - can't imagine having to deal without a kitchen. One day you'll be laughing about it. :)

Black Friday for us was spent in the car driving from Destin to Austin. Nice trip, but I missed spending the holiday at home.

Hang in there!

Jai Joshi said...

I hope you get it sorted out soon, Paige. Leaving in a hotel can be very uncomfortable. But you're being strong and showing great fortitude. Good for you.


ElizabethR said...

Ah Paige,

It's horrible waiting for others to get themselves moving. I think you probably did the right thing in dumping that contractor. (Remodeling is stressful enough when you have a wonderful contractor). Here's hoping this new guy is on the ball.

Hope things get started real soon and you are all back home for Christmas.

80s Queen said...

Paige, it sounds like we could write a book together - me about building one and you about remodeling! It is horrible, isn't it? I hope the new guy turns out to be great and you get in before Christmas.