October 14, 2009


Okay, my dear internets I survived. Yeah and thanks so much for your prayers, one can never have too many of those. Gonna keep it short today. Photos here…don’t be scared.

Honeymoon was great. We went into Houston for the Bayou City Art Festival, more of an art market and I was so enthralled at looking at the art and talking to the artist that I didn’t take many pictures. Beloved did take some really good ones I’m very jealous, but please don’t tell him.

That’s all for now... Okay stop complaining...enjoy a bit of eye candy.
Un croped an un-doctored (un-like me)




Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Hooray!!!!!!!!!!! She posts!!!!

It's fine that it's short. We really just want to know that you're perky, after the opp.

Mmmmmm, pics hu? Don't be scared of pics, hu? Mmmmm... I think I'll come back later to peek at the don't be scared of pics, Hon! Not that I'm chicken or anything! Why of course not. -grinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn-

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

OK, I got up my courage and looked.

Yup, you fooled me.

But you won't do it again. NOOOOO looking at the unwrapped pics tomorrow. -hehhhhhhhhhhh-

Gentle hugs...

Deanna said...

So glad to hear the surgery went well Paige. I hope you get to have some fun time before the next one.

Jannie Funster said...

Poor humpty-Dumpty, his brains all splat. Very super-creative stuff, tho. Great art is so great.

Cheers! See you in just 11 days, whee-hoo!! I'm sure you'll be well healed by then (And well heeled, if you wear great sneakers??)

My tea water's ready, here I go.

Blue Bunny said...

i hops you is feelin gudder soon! yoo is nise, very!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Hope you're feeling good. I've got an awful cold!

Dorraine said...

Loved the pictures. Glad you had fun and hope you're on the mend.

Can't believe you were in Houston and didn't come to see me! I'm north of Houston by 45 min. Well, okay, maybe next time.

... Paige said...

Thanks y'all

I'm still very owey and just posted a "gross" one for you brave un-flinching souls...

If the url pasted above does not work pop over to 365 Views By Me and on Oct. 15 you shall see my booboo.

Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

Nice one-handed keyboarding here. I'm impressed!

Also still retching (looked at photo first).

Anyhoo, you have been in my thoughts every day. Sometimes nice ones. Next comes an email on the altered art! I can't thank you enough for introducing me to this new-to-me crafty format.

I may have to get a real job to pay for the play!

Susan's Snippets said...

Paige -

Welcome back!!

i just had an art attack

MargaretR said...

Hi Paige. Glad your op is over. You are in the wars these days but at least you enjoyed your Honeymoon, you can't have too many of those and you can look forward to your eighth.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Glad surgery went well, n you are making thru those swollen owweees n stiches!
Wow, trip sounds great- looks like fun. The Humpty egg is fabulous!