August 20, 2009

Out and about nothings

I don’t know about you but seeing these ladies in the store window makes me want to rush right in and buy those outfits just so I too could put my nose in the air… Really high in the air so I would not have to smell anyone’s farts, ya know?

Ok so I got nothing, I’m as dry as the air around here but not anywhere near as hot. Not to say I’m not hawt, is that still a cool word to use? Hey I could show you one more photo…

This is a page of an altered book I’m doing. I know it is hard to see the teeny words on the left page and that is the point. They are there but so easily overlooked. Can you follow them onto the right page and read what it says? Well it’s clever in my mind even if not in yours.

And I’m spent…aren’t you?


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

I thought "they" were all looking up at something. -chuckle- But now I see the "We are hawt" message. lol.

I can't enlarge the pic of the altered book, so I have not a chance of knowing what the word say. ,-)

Actually, I'd not be a good one to comment on your altered book, anyway. I never got my mind around "the why" of Altered Books.

'Aunt Amelia'

sheila said...

Now my eyes are sore. lol.
Thanks a lot.

Jai Joshi said...

Ha ha, you've exhausted me.


Snaggle Tooth said...

I'm not one to ever stick my nose that high, n am not quick to judge based on appearance.
I've known some of the poorest n shabbily clad to've been some of the best folks to know in my life. My brother can be a bit up tho-

It's tough to read your altered pages, even increasing the browser page size. (More clues please?)

... Paige said...

I don’t know why it won’t enlarge, crazy a$$ bloger. Any who the left page in tiny words cut from somewhere says “to be a”, the right page has a red stamped fly and the words “on your wall”
This book is gonna be about Secrets…more in about a month.

Oh and it’s been a while since I said crazy a$$. Speaking of where in the world has KimmyK gone? My emails are bouncing back

teahouse said...

Hee hee, love the mannequin poses! I think they're just looking upward to symbolize the fact that they're aspiring to be better than they are...

Jannie Funster said...

I wanna know who the hell altered that book. And WHY?

J. M. Strother said...

I can see the fly, and I can see "your", but that's about it.

You know, you're giving bibliophiles around the world apoplexy doing that to a book. Probably should'a used a Kindle. ;)

Dapoppins said...

What are they looking at? You know, something is going to fly into their noses...I bet it made a nest.

I love love love your altered book. I have several books set aside to do that with. And since your a poet, you actually have something you can put in your books. Me...I have no idea what to write in them... I don't want to do deep thoughts about ME. Gaah...but I want to do an altered book. It is on my to-do list with my altered cigar boxes. Which I haven't started either.