August 25, 2009

Carpel Tunnel UPdate

I know y’all have been sitting on the edge of your seats to find out what’s going on with my carpels. So here for your enlightenment is an update…nerve test—‘why yes there is damage and your symptoms of pain, numbness and waking at night sure indicate carpel in left hand. But the right one is a blah blah nerve that runs out of your elbow. Do you want to try a shot of super expensive stuff before trying surgery on it?’
(2 visits with hand surgeon Dr, 1 visit with nerve test Dr & Tech)

Ok so scheduled the shot, which was not painful in the least, skeeter bites are worse. So anywho it was most likely gonna take a couple of weeks for it to take affect, if at all. How long would it last you may ask, I did, ‘we really don’t know maybe forever or not at all.’ And it has helped to stop the “whacked in the funny bone zinging pain that would last for hours go away then come back” so I suppose it has helped. Now I get weird pains, cramps and burning, oh and ya gotta love the knitting needled straight through the wrist or the numbness on the side of your hand, little finger & just one side of the ring. But it is better {smile}
(3rd visit w/ hand surgeon Dr)

So I go back for the follow up and tell him of the “new” pains and ask if the full nerve report is back so we can discuss surgery on the left hand (that I put off when I had the right one done back in ’02ish) on accounta it goes numb thumb, first & 2nd fingers and hurts and wakes me up at night even though I wear the brace. As if I did not tell him this on the 3 other visits. So we are gonna give right blah blah elbow nerve a bit more time for the expensive shot to work and cut up the left hand in October (for my honeymoon vacation).

(4th visit w/hand surgeon Dr)

Oh did I mention I get to see my primary Dr for clearance and a Cardiologist for clearance and the hand surgeon Dr one more time prior to surgery and again a week after surgery. And maybe next year I’llget my right blah blah fixed that is if the expensive shot didn’t’ work and the hysterectomy that I need but opted for the hand on accounta the amazing pains it offers where as the girly stuff is just messy and bitchy and all in my mind anyway… Does that sound like someone who wants to have surgery? I suppose I’m feeling bitchy or just crabby or maybe whinny at the moment cause well just cause I want to.

NO sympathy please just complaining, heck I already feel better.

So how’s all my dear internets doing?


sheila said...

Yikes! I remember when I was 16 and my mom had both hands done at once. I got to drive her all over town for a couple weeks, lol.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

"No sympathy."

OK, no damn sympathy.

How about: "Wow but my back issues look a lot more liveable, compared to all of this."<--THAT better be OK, because THAT is what you're getting. >,-)

Gentle hugs,
'Aunt Amelia'

Jeni said...

Well, since you asked about your "internets" this one is happy to report I now have new incoming cable wire for the tv and computer as of about a hour ago! Seems a lovely little mousey had made my home his housey and in doing so had gnawed a bit on the co-ax cable causing the internet to not always hold the connection. So now, that's all fixed and you know I am totally ecstatic about having a good, stable internet connection again -or else I would have been able to read today about your carpals. (Do hope you get something of those ailments corrected and soon -for some rest, peace of mind, etc., etc.)

Linda said...

Oh pooey. No sympathy, huh? Sorry, no can do. But suck it up and get the surgery; my buddies who've gone udner the knife are ecstatic with their painless wrists.

How 'bout some empathy? My feet need surgery, my toes have curled up too much and now I have pain that when I walk that radiates up to my hips. But at least I don't need my toes to type. hang tough, friend... peace, Linda

teahouse said...

Ow, sorry about the carpal tunnel! Hope you feel better soon.

And nice santoku knife, by the way...

... Paige said...

Thanks y’all, I knew I could count on y’all’s understanding.
Back problems suck big time a girl in my office just has 3 or 4 of her discs fussed-lower back; another girl had 2 in her neck.
Yeah for good connectivity pages loading fast.
And curly toes are awful, I have a couple but they don’t bother me, my brother had his tendons cut when he was in his 20s.
I so love that 2 pack of knives Beloved gave me for Christmas a couple years ago I have even used them a few times.
For this you can feel sorry for me—I can’t drive my little rag top roadster, it’s a standard and last time I drove it I thought I was gonna have to pull over and call for a ride. So Pepper sits in the lonely hot garage counting dust particles until I can whisk her away hopefully for a Christmas spin.

Jai Joshi said...

I really hope the treatment your going through works, for all the headache it's causing you. I feel for you although I know you don't want sympathy. Even so I'm sending you a cyber hug.


Jannie Funster said...

Contemplating any surgery is not pleasant. Hysterectomy? That would make me feel bitchy and anxious too.

What about morphine? Fun, oh but addictive as hell I hear.

I'll for sure keep in touch on this.

It's raining here! Is it there?

Snaggle Tooth said...

Leave surgery as last resort. Messy, risky, long recoveries, n lost pay!
The Ulna nerve- I had that prob, was a pinched nerve- watch how you lean elbows on chairs n tables! Put a pad down first- Also take "B-complex" vitamins to jump start nerve regeneration. They take ages to re-grow! My fingers of pins n needles (like yours) completely healed themselves after 18 months!
Yes, I did neurologist, cortisone shot in wrist- Now wrists are fine- never had surgery.

Odd note: I started taking Flaxseed oil supplements two weeks ago, to help heart health. My neck used to crack all day long at the base of the skull. After one week, it has mysteriously stopped! Unexpected side-effect of the Flax! Maybe the wrist joints could be helped also- Cheap too!

Good luck, wish you could find quick solutions, but may take awhile! The prob continues cause no one can afford to rest the wrists!

... Paige said...

Morphine makes my girly stuff feel funny {blushes pink to red...well okay not really}

When the Dr. told me that I was putting too much pressure on the elbow, I told him no. But just to make sure I wasn’t doing it without notice, I asked my co-workers to watch me (weird huh) and I started to pay more attention and no I definitely don’t do that in fact my elbow doesn't touch my desk or my chair’s arm rest at work or at home. Dang that would have been an easy fix.

I do take B (all girls need this), glue-coso-mean (joints), E (skin, hair, heart), Fish Oil (heart), Magnesium* and Iron*
*this is awesome for restless leg syndrome-I got that when I quite smoking 7 years ago –Yeah ME! And is good for bone health and with my Beloved’s cancer we need all the bone health we can get.

My neck kinda does that cracking thang every once in a while- humm Flaxseed Oil

Happy Friday y'all