May 23, 2009

Petty Action...

Some of you may say;

others may give a little applause.

I try to be considerate of other people when I’m out in public places, I don’t…sneeze or cough in the open air; scratch my butt or pick my nose; or fart for that matter. If I have to walk in front of someone I say ‘Excuse me.’ Or if someone is blocking my way I don’t just stand there staring again I use the ‘Excuse me.’ Phrase. Likewise if by some chance I bump someone again there are those good ol’ handy words. And really I only get annoyed when other folks don’t use it, but I say nothing out loud to them. Well I guess sometimes I do, ok usually do IF I’m holding the door open for someone, whether man or woman and they just tromp on by without a simple thank you or even a glance at me. Then I say out loud and sorta loud “You’re welcome!” But that is not what this long-winded version of a short story is about. Well then Paige--stop beating around the virtual bush already.

A couple of days ago at the grocery store and may I say how much I dislike it when the store is very crowded with a bunch of strangers breathing all my fresh air. OK there I am looking at the jalapenos trying to figure out which ones my Beloved would like (I don’t care for their flavor) a woman walks up with her buggy with a child in it. We make casual eye contact she indicated that she was just passing by with one of those little teeny tiny nod kind of movements. You know what I mean. So I step back to give her plenty of space, I’m considerate like that. She pushed her buggy and child right in front of me and stopped. S-T-O-P-P-E-D I say, then she let go of the buggy walked half way back down the aisle and started looking over the items down there.

Humph, how rude, how totally uncalled for and rude. When she didn’t come right back, well I reached over and pushed the buggy, child and all, back towards her and stepped forward again to make my selection. After several minutes, which felt like an eternity to me, I had stopped actually seeing the peppers. She came back and eyed me. I have excellent peripheral vision and then she started pushing her buggy forward again. YES almost hitting me. I did not budge!

I stood my ground and was not moving even if she were to utter those words “excuse me" I had decided to feign deafness. So I stood there until she backed up her buggy and went around me. So, it was a point for me and I do believe I made it known to her idiotic a$$. I think even the kid, yes now he is a kid and not a child, figured it out.

And that my dear internet is the story. What do you think of my behavior

Petty or APPLAUSE deserved?

And what would you have done?


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Applause, my Dear.

&*()&^%*&^ all people who can't even give simple politeness to others.

Even if I'm crossing at a cross-walk, where I do have the right of way and all, I still like to make some sort of thank you motion, to the driver who's sitting in their car and not running me down. -grin- It's just plain old being nice and polite. And not hard!

Some people actually seem to stroll slower, when doing the same thing. And when I'm waiting for them to cross the cross-walk. Bleahhh...

-sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh- But, I suppose... None of this, is actually helping our own insides, is it? Getting rilled up is bad for us, right? Or is it, that swallowing all our anger and rilled-up-ness, is bad for us?

Repeat Bleahhhhhhhhh... People! Stupid, un-thinking, impolite people!

Aunt Amelia

sheila said...

I could have written this post myself, lol. Seriously, I've experienced the same thing and have had the same reaction.

I can't understand why people are so frickin rude. Boggles my mind. Miserable, miserable morons. :)

btw, applause.

kimmyk said...

I don't blame you. I hate rude people in the grocery store. I hate when people walk in front of you and then stand there-hellooooo!!! Makes me wanna run over the back of their heels with my buggy. "OOOoopsie!"


Good for you standing your ground and for the record, those peppers and tomatoes look yummy!

J. M. Strother said...

I'm not sure I'd move the kid in stroller or not. People get a bit touchy when it comes to their kids.

It always surprises me how people will not move an unattended cart in the grocery store. You know, you just walked ten feet past the canned tomatoes, so you stop in front of the canned beans, temporarily abandon the cart and walk back to the canned tomatoes.

Then someone comes up and looks distressed that they can't get to the canned beans. Just move the cart for Heaven's sake. It doesn't have feelings. You won't hurt it. I do it all the time. Sometimes I get funny looks, but too bad. It's just a cart.

Zephra said...

That's a tough one because It depends on the day for me. I try to be nice but sometimes people just wont let you. Then again I realized just recently that my Mom is one of those isle blockers. Not to be rude. She is just really oblivious and rather old. I wondered around the store after her apologizing to everyone because I felt so bad.

Cecilia said...

Common courtesy isn't so common nowadays, sadly.

Jannie Funster said...

YESSS!!! on your behavior. You were polite. She was an ass. End of story.

And fyi, I've started farting in public and I think it may be the next wild trend. :)