March 22, 2009


And here for your reading OUT-LOUD pleasure one last Pitiful Post. A Pitiful Poem part of my Poetry a Day for the year pulled out of my Prompt jar, for the month of March.


Ready to play a game?
Everyone keep it a secret,
Don’t tell. Here’s what we’re

Gonna do. Take one pen with
Red ink or a maker
Evenly write out the first letter of
Each line in this acrostic poem
Nice and slow now.

Can you guess the
To this special riddle?

Pretty pitiful huh? Go ahead say it
Out loud…I dare you
Oh my, Gummy Butt, it is the
Prompt for red-green cat poop!

And thanks again Sandy


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Ha,ha, ha...You did it Paige!
You must have run out of good suggestions.

I'll never lose my "gummy butt" nick name will I? hahahah, and I don't think I've ever told anyone in my family that story about that hot day I passed through Pecos, Texas.

Linda said...

I do so hate to rain on your pity parade, but I've left you glad tidings on my blog. Thanks for being a good writing friend... Peacae, Linda

Mother Mayhem said...

ACK! I react this way whatever color the cat poop.

Visiting through Dapoppins. :o)