March 7, 2009

Party Time ???

Here's a little something for dapoppins from me worthy of a full wallowing in a pity party pit…

Beloved and I used to work out, really, exercise at the Y every day, serious. Well one thing led to another and we started missing and it totally went down hill. After that I seemed to have gained a little weight all of a sudden. It was weird! I tell you one day everything was fine and then the next day I could not stand it anymore, my stupid pants must have shrank like 2 sizes instantaneously-for real. I had to leave work in the middle of the day and go to the walsmart across the street and buy a new pair of britches. What ta hell was that all about?

Then it got worse, I started craving candy bars in the afternoon, and the deli in my building was just so very handy and I’d just pop on down and come back eating and being the natural smart a$$ that I am I would say, “I’m not near fat enough yet.”

And now a couple few years later I have found out that I am plenty fat enough. But no matter how many times I say, “I’m not near skinny enough, yet” nothing happens. Now I refuse to go and buy any "big" clothes and one day I will be naked at work and then everyone else will know I’m not near skinny enough, either.

I should get some sort of badge for this~~don’t chya think?


kimmyk said...

Okay I've seen you (sort of-bathtub photo and another photo I think) and I didn't see anything fat on your skinny ass. That being said, I totally understand one's own self perception of not feeling right within their skin.

I think you deserve your pity party that you're throwing. *blows horn*

I'm sure you're beautiful least your insides are from what I can tell/read about ya here.

... Paige said...

Kimmy you are a kind soul, the story is true.
I do, I will admit, carry my weight fairly well-it is evenly distributed, bubbles out here and there a bit. Except for my a$$, which is null and void almost a divot, a little wide sure but el flato.

kimmyk said...

ya ever seen those butt pads? put the pads in your panties and BLAM! you got yourself a juicy booty.

Dapoppins said...

girlfriend...I had no idea you and I had the same butt-less issue~! I have more of a butt on my belly than I do on my butt. YOu are right, we need a badge for this. but I suck at that you well know. But we do.

I must go put on my party hat now and drink something with chocolate in it. In my opinion, chocolate is much more important for a pity party than alcohol.