March 12, 2009

Co-Worker trouble

It was not so good a month of January for one of my co-workers who I shall call Terry, cause that’s her name and she doesn’t read my blog. {I think} Anywho, they (who ever they are) say truth is stranger then fiction and I say if this story is not pitiful I don’t know what is…

Terry had been feeling bad for some time and for a month or better I would follow her up the stairs in the parking garage. The elevator has been broken since Ike. Well she would have to pause on the landing of each set of stairs to catch her breath. Now Terry is no smoker and never has but she had been coughing for some time…I had also been worried about it and started telling her to go to the doctor. Which she had been to more than once already. First it was a cold then it was bronchitis then she thought maybe it was pneumonia or bronchitis again. I told her she needed an x-ray. I don’t’ think she reailized how long this had been going on till I kept telling her, “you have been coughing and being short winded for a long time.”

And here we were in January already and going home on a that first Friday of the year and month and she had to stop and rest for a couple of minutes before going up the next half flight of stairs. And again I stressed that I really thought she needed a chest x-ray, but didn’t say why on accounta she is normally smart and I knew she knew what I meant. I feared lung cancer.

And on Saturday morning she got up called her mom and said come take me to the ER. She told them what had been going on. She asked for and got the chest X-ray-NO Cancer. They ultra sounded her belly and found a tumor, blood test revealed her iron level was lower than a dead person. Did you hear what I typed-Dead People have higher Iron than Terry did. She was given 6 pints of whole blood over Saturday and Sunday~ People! There are only about 10 pints in the normal adult to begin with.

Ladies take a little Iron tablet every now and again will ya.

With her Iron fixed they did surgery to remove the tumor, it was Fibroid. She had already scheduled her vacation and what better time to rest and relax then after all this trama drama. Feeling young and fit, now being full of iron, dare-devil blood and not worried about lung cancer or tumors. What a great vacation! She, mom, sister and brother went to Colorado.

Now I know you see this one coming and Yes you are right. Ms Terry donned a set of skis and took a lesson or two. What fun she had, but her calves sure did hurt especially after the little spill she took. No big deal just a sprain…so she thought. When they got home and the calve and ankle still sorta hurt and were still swollen she made a visit to her doctor. And Yes indeedy people she had a broken leg.

To me this is a pitful story and ya just gotta feel bad for Terry. But know this my friends she Feels Marvelous and grateful because she has gotten her three for the year out of the way and she's waiting to chuckle at the rest of us when our three come.

We at the office now wander if She get Frequent Patient Smiles

I know I don’t have to, but I will explain the “three thang” cause it would just be pitiful if you didn’t know or understand what that is. All bad things, including illness, death, breaking glasses, cutting yourself, etc come in threes. Yes it is an old wives tale and a superstitious type thing. But hey it happens however pitiful as it may be.

Join in the PP {pity posting} and let dapoppings know you are a guest at her month long Pity Party. At one time I heard she was offering Free Prizes.


judypatooote said...

Walking up those stairs should give her excercise....and it's funny that you mentioned being low on iron, because my friends just told me today, that her brother in law just had an iron she's a nurse and knows what she is talking about but I've never heard of an iron I guess it is best to take a little iron pill. I do get some iron in my multi vit......and tell her sometimes things don't always come in threes....well maybe you shouldn't.....LOL judy

kimmyk said...

my iron has been critically low (4) since I came home from the hospital. they keep talking IV therapy but intead of doing all that right now, i've been popping my lil pill and trying to eat red meat and spinach salads.

i'm glad to hear your friend is on the scary.

and what do people do with disabilities if the elevator is broken?

... Paige said...

Well Kimmy, they have to learn to walk of course.

Lucky for the building people the one handicapped person that used to be here doesn't work here anymore.

As for the elderly, or the folks that carry heavy stuff...just shit out of luck.

Jannie Funster said...

Let's hope her 3rd is something very mild and quickly passing like a speck of dust in her eye or a teeny bruise.

Iron? I have no idea if I'm comsuming enough but it wouldn't be a bad idea to go back to my woman's multivitammin!

Dapoppins said...

I am offering prizes...they will be free...and I have to post on who the winners are...and your pittiful stuff is just so wonderfully pitiful I have decided you must have a prize. SERIOUSLY.

You are makin this month come true for me.

Hahahaha....send me your addy

dapoppins at

Jannie Funster said...

P.S. You're a "Seriously Weird"winner!

Linda said...

Tres piteous, Paige.

Good things also come in threes.

Peace, Linda

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I always heard and have noticed that everything bad always comes in threes,

I'm glad that your co-worker has gotten her three bad things out of the way.