January 20, 2009

Perfecting Perfection

A while back at Six Sentences Ning, Scarlett Rose posted a piece about perfection, that post and my comment there inspired this…


A circle within itself
No beginning found, yet
No ending to be had

A concept without description
Meaning one thing to one, yet
Another thing to another

A circle within itself
Having no top, yet
Standing on no bottom

An ideal without question is
An answer sought, yet
Question is not answered

A perfection is of itself
Become a conceptual
Ideal of a perfect concept


Linda said...


And so nice to see a poem grace your page. The anenomes are lovely - yours? Happy day...

... Paige said...

Not my anenomes, but a photo I took at an aquarium a couple of years ago. It came out really pretty. Lucky shot :-)

judypatooote said...

I too love your poem, and the picture of the anenomes....that is one thing I would love to have, a salt water tank with anenomes and blue and yellow fish.... judy