January 28, 2009

Copyright Class Action Law Suit

Have y'all seen or heard of this Google copyright issue? Gosh golly gee wiz I hope it's not true cause that would so suck.

One more thing, of course you all already know this (on the news this morning) Some credit card companies are adjusting the amount of your credit limit based on, get this shit, where you shop and use your credit card. Reasoning and how they figure it is because some of the people that shop at certain stores and use other credit cards or the same one as you are not paying their bills or maybe they have been late. What a bunch of crapola. Why it was just yesterday that a persons credit rating was based on the way they payed their own bills and NOT how someone else paid.

gotta go; now I really gotta go


kimmyk said...

I don't understand all that. You'd have to tell me like I was 2 and challenged. Ya know??

karen said...

That's crazy!

Dapoppins said...

There are laws that mess with everything...except for controls on credit companies. And it makes me irritated.

judypatooote said...

CHANGE! Change, isn't that what the new president scares me on how banks can change things before we know what hit us. I owe a bit more that I planned and yikes I felt quite secure until everything went haywire. Investments were great. I had enough invested to keep me going until the end, and now I hope I have enough to pay my bills.... Yep, Change can be good, but Change can also be bad....I hate change....whewww...thanks I got that off my chest....LOL..... judy