December 5, 2008


We enjoyed our 6th honeymoon back in October and I wanted to tell you of the marvelous little 4 day weekend trip we took. We headed out early and stopped to take some photographs. Back story--I have wanted to take photos of the mist / vapor that rises up from water for just forever now, but beloved didn’t want me to stop on my way to work “It’s dangerous.” He loves me so much. I got some great shots, wish the sun had been brighter but oh well.

It was a very nice drive over to San Antonio. We planned on seeing ALL five of the missions for this trip. The weather was great the room was fine, we stayed at a La Quinta just outside of town. We made Mission San Jose first, it was beautiful and walked around the grounds for quite some time as it has a big layout. Then on to San Concepcion it was lovely and we just made it to San Juan before it closed. Day 2 led us on to another 2 missions, Mission Espada small but very nice and then over to the Espada Aqueduct, and on into the city Proper of San Antonio.

Why so many missions so close together you may ask, well I’ll tell you… Missions were typically built within a day’s ride between each other and a Fort. Texas only had one fort back when the missions were built and because Indians had a big presence the Churches were ordered to be no more than a half day ride from the fort.

In San Antonio they had a sidewalk and street chalk drawing competition, neat-o. The Alamo was great as usual, we have been to it a few times already. But this time they had music and dancing exhibits for American Indian and Scottish. Then we mossyed on down to the Riverwalk. We are not so much touristy and the Riverwalk is big tourist draw. So we found the truck and hopped in to head out for food and the hotel-house.

Day 3 we were up and at ‘em early, as is our way. Drove up to Johnson City to see President Johnson’s boyhood home and the National Park where the LBJ Ranch is. Some of you may be familiar with the fact that Ladybird Johnson only passed away last year and the family has still be removing items from the home. But they agreed to open the President’s office for tours and that just started in August. I learned that Johnson did a lot to push through education laws including Special Ed.

On to Fredricksburg a wonderful little German town in the Texas hill country. If I haven’t mentioned the weather has been great! We walked around looking at many the shops, bought some experienced books took lots of photos and headed to the train car. That’s right folks we stayed in a 1894 private train car that had been ridden in by President Roosevelt and Quanah Parker the last Indian Chief. What an awesome sleepover and I’m gonna leave it at that.

Day 4 headed home hand in hand and still in love. Already talking about honeymoon number 7.


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Ooo la that you in the tub?

The only mission I've visited in Texas was the Alamo a couple of times.
I love touring missions too. I practically grew up in the San Gabriel mission in California...or at least was a permanent fixure there on most days.

kimmyk said...

how special!

i wanna go somewhere warm and take pictures....not here though. too freakin cold.

and if that's your leg in the tub, you look like you're've got long legs....

you suck. (kidding!)

... Paige said...

I'm of average height and I think this is the sexiest photo of me. Grandma said I pretty legs and I think she may have been right-lol

Warm, yes mid 70s today I think

judypatooote said...

What a nice trip....what a nice sounds like a wonderful time...and congratulations on 6 years... judy