December 1, 2008

December Dreams ahead

There are more things to December then the holidays and here are a few of those things…
This is the month to celebrate and or become aware of…

Bingo’s Birthday, Identity Theft Prevention and Spiritual Literacy to name only a few

Don’t miss out on these Week long items…

Recipe Greetings 1-8
Clerc-Gallaudet 7-15
Gluten-Free Baking 14-20

It’s About Time 25-31

And now some of the daily listings without mentioning the usual holidays that we all know about, I hope you will enjoy these…

Special Education 2nd
Bathtub Party 5th
National Cotton Candy 7th
Poinsettia 12th
Chocolate Covered Anything 16th
Haiku Poetry 21st
Tick Tock 29th
Make Up Your Mind 31st

A word of advice and caution from me--personally--Don't drink and drive as the life you save may be mine!

Last Calendar Surprise UNLESS you all protest...

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