June 18, 2008

A Painting We Went

Taaaaduuummm! Painting is complete. Did I mention all the caulking we had to do? We did but it wasn’t too bad. It took us 2 weekends to paint and about 8 gallons of paint. We do plan on removing the eyesore of a shed and installing a smaller one behind the studio. But that can wait for now we are concentrating on the studio. The plumber came and lookie lookie we have water (sort of) we are hooked up but not running. Hey where is that sewer pipe?
We have picked up the lighting and some of the cabinets for the sink work area. Not to mention a ton of insulation- Eeeewwwww! I feel sweaty already.
We look forward to the completion of the plumbing and electrical work being done so we can get some grass and stop walking around and trying to stand ladders in the mud.
Oh yeah, we also have the A/C-heater unit. It is similar to the ones used in hotels and we also have one of those new fan-dang-goal “on demand” water heaters. It is electric, goes under the sink and provides hot water only when it is needed. Which will save money as we don’t expect to need hot water very often.
The weather is getting better and we feel the plumber will be able to return for hook ups and we are on the hunt for an electrician-still.
Yes to let y’all know we have all the necessary permits and are getting the inspections as needed.
Crossing fingers for the remainder of the work to do…


kimmyk said...

one step at a time.
what are you going to use this room for when it's done??

... Paige said...

It's gonna be my whatever I wanta do space. Sewing, paper making, artwork, writing, surfing, watching TV, napping. Being alone with my beloved--you know :-D
See whatever.