June 23, 2008

Gas is Too high...

to waste it going to the overpriced theater to watch a movie as crappy as The Happening. Yes folks this is an eight thumbs DOWN review.
We all, my Beloved, my two teenage kids and myself say, “Don’t do it!” Don’t spend your time, money and gas on this one. I won’t spoil it for those of you that still think you want to go see it.
Um, lets see the acting was bad except for the guy that killed himself half way through and the little actress that played his daughter. Well let me re-phrase that, he was better then the rest and she was a little then better him, but than the cute little girl spoke less then anyone. Most every scene was very predictable and totally cliché but if you like needless gore you will love a couple of scenes-BUT only a couple, and that’s about it.

I want my money back including the gas!
Maybe you already knew this and neglected to tell me. IF so Shame on you my friends.

FTC Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any form for any of my opinions in this post


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Are you saying it wasn't a good movie?

kimmyk said...

bad huh?
i dont watch scary movies. i'm a big chicken. bawk bawk.

Jeni said...

It's been years since I've gone to see a movie in a theatre and don't expect to change my mode of operation about that any time soon so not to worry about my wasting any gas there.
Boy, your studio thing is really coming along very nicely too now! Good job.

TechnoBabe said...

My husband and I haven't been to a movie for a couple years. We don't watch TV at all, but we do subscribe to NetFlix so we watch the trailers online and order the movies that we want to see. You are right, if we are going to spend the horrendous gas price we are going to use it for something we really really like.

Cez said...

Thanks for the warning!

karen said...

Thanks, paige, appreciate the heads up!

Linda said...

I don't do flicks in theatres very often, but when I do it's almost always a kiddie one. We're up to see Kung Fu Panda this weekend - any feelings on that one?

Loved your shadorma, btw. Peace, Linda