June 2, 2008

Do Ya want ta know??

About the month of June that is, ok here goes…

Not only is my oldest daughter turning 30, OMG, how can that be? I’m only 29;

June is the awareness month for Celibacy, Effective Communications and Accordions plus some others that I quite frankly don’t want to mention. I am excited that this first week 1-7 is dedicated to National Headache Awareness. Week 2 is—drum roll please—International Clothesline. I saw some of the “new” fandangle “solar” dryers last week at Wal-Mart for the reasonable price of $25. Although most everyone I know is going “green” I did not put one in my shopping cart.
There is only ONE Friday the 13th this year and yes it is this month. Speaking of which that kicks off Raggedy Ann & Andy Days 13-15, I love these two funny little people. And rounding out the month the Week of National Mosquito Control Awareness runs 22-28. Which reminds me, I wrote a poem about those buggers once and here posted for your complete and utter enjoyment it is…

The Buzzzz

Mosquitoes, oh those awful blood banditos.
They circle your head with that distracting buzzzz.
All the while they are feasting on your legs.
We slap ourselves and thump those that go splat.
Just as a reminder whether night or day,
Whatever you do, don’t forget the mosquito spray.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's a busy month, Paige!

Cez said...

Happy birthday to your daughter!

And enjoy the month of so many issues to be aware of! :D