May 31, 2008

Under Construction

Well the forms went in and the concrete was poured. Did I mention the patio was being increased in size and covered by a roof that adjoins the studio? Well it is. We will have this nice covered patio large enough for the eventual Jacuzzi/hot tub, a table with chairs and a grill. Who knows maybe we will cook and eat out there too.
I am so glad that we didn’t have to move in all that dirt and lay all the re-bar. That is some backbreaking work if you have not experienced it before. Trust me, it’s not something you want to be doing after the age of 25. The contractor will put a fairly smooth finish to the concrete as I plan on staining it. If it doesn’t turn out we will just cover it up, cause you can do that with stain. We are putting in a bathroom and a big kitchen sink for my papermaking projects and what not. We have already bought a heat pump / air-condition unit that will have its own hole in the north wall. The water heater is one of those small ones that only heats when the hot water is turned on. Which is smart because it doesn’t need to be on and heat all the time. We have also already picked up this really cool looking ceiling fan.
We are only going to have 3 windows. What you say? Yes it’s true we are trying to be energy efficient ya know. The only side that will have direct sun light is the west, and y’all know that the west facing is the hottest. The wall on the east faces a wooden fence and the neighbor’s huge tree will block most of the sun there. Then the other window is on the south side, facing our home and the awesome patio, which will also be in shadow. Why put a window there you may ask, because I want to and it’s my studio. We didn’t want any windows on the north side for the same reason.
After the rain stops, they will be framing up the walls and the roof. Isn’t this exciting?
You bet it is!


Cez said...

Your project's looking good, Paige! How fun it will be to have your own studio!

judypatooote said...

I am impressed, I didn't know you did all that....I knew you wrote little poems, quotes etc., but you quilt too.....amazing... I know you will just love having a studio, just to have a space to walk out of and not worry about picking it up.....yes the other word for crafting is cluttering.... I watched someone on tv making paper....I love the look of the home made paper... that would be great to add to cards.... I am going to a one day crazy quilt class.... just to get the idea of where to start.... I have so many ideas in my head, and so many projects started, I wonder will I ever get it all done....

Well good luck with the construction and God Bless your hubby for coming up with the studio idea..... judy

kimmyk said...

I want a hot tub/jacuzzi room. With a grill. And someone to bring me a drink!!!

Won't be long!