February 27, 2008

Drum Roll Please...

Gina, over at Just Another Day, had a post titled Keeping People in the Dark. I mentioned to her that I was working on something about that very issue and here is what I have to say…

It’s true we really have no clue who is writing and what their motivations are. We only know each other in this fantasy world of online. We only know about each other what we choose to share whether it is made up or real information about ourselves. It is a protective shield and yet a “safe” way to lose our inhibitions, if we choose to do so. But it always keeps coming back to—who knows if it’s really you anyway.

Now who are you really? Is that photo you have your blog “really” you? For all you know I may be some big-I mean really HUGH man with a scraggly 2 days growth of beard on my chin…Here I sit in my skivvies scratching my butt with leftover beer and spittle running down my chin, neck and onto my…
Who knows?

I could be this super sexy-totally hot model chick sitting and posing for my peps in a closed door chat room. Even though I can type a complete sentence and it makes sense, this could be me.
Who knew?
Maybe I’m just a little, very tiny grandmother trying to live my last days in this fantasy online world as the person I wish I could have been when I was in the “new” middle ages.
Who cares?
Gosh golly Batman, I could even be just a geeky boy with crooked glasses and zits on my face. Barely starting to get hair in my pits. hehehaw~snort.
Who wants to know?

Interesting, which one do you pick for me to be, I mean REALLY to be? Do you have any suggestions.

Humm makes you wander now-don’t it? That’s why I, without any prodding, made this totally awesome get to know me list of 100 THINGS ABOUT PAIGE.

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