January 17, 2008

Wanted to let y'all know

I subscribe to a writer’s magazine, Writer’s Digest, and I also receive their newsletters. Maria Schneider posted to The Writer’s Perspective a great list of helpful advise for blogers both new to the blogsphere and those that have been her for a while. On her list this very post of mine is taking the advice of #3 and #8. I will be sure to leave a comment for her as well (#8) telling her that I have linked to her post. Which will of course lead to my comment being read by some of her other commenters, which may lead them here (#19) to my blog to read this (#13). In which case they might comment and say something like… “you didn’t really say anything new in your post at all” or maybe … “ I wasted my time and reading thoughts to come over here for what?” I of course will not reply back because we all can plainly see that my only intent was to provoke them to come and read my blog, perhaps increasing my own readership, that has fallen due to my total lack of regular posting. (#11).
Up until recently I posted only poems and prose and have no doubt shocked some of you by not posting any of late. I suppose I could go into a long drawn out reason but that would only bore you (#14) and taking the advise of Maria I do not want to do that. After all I am only looking out for your best interest in letting you know of the super list she has on her blog. I do recommend (#14) that for best blog content we all should follow her advise. Although I really can’t say when I will be able to do that, see #4 for an explanation.
I don’t know what I want my blog to be about; the direction I want it to go or why I feel compelled to do it (#2). I just do and that’s good enough for me. I pretend that I have this hugh following out there, just hanging on my every comma (#5). I did say pretend {it makes me feel good} and we all have an inner world that we protect and take care of; as it in turn protects and takes care of us (#6). So don’t smack my world and send it spinning zig zag like all across the open universe, cause then I might cry. I want this to be #20 for me (#19) and you!
OOPS~I tried but did not succeed with #10. I suppose that is just #15.
Please comment (#13) if you have any thoughts or would like to add to Maria's list


Jean-Luc Picard said...

All things to help readership increase are good.

Michael said...

I could say a lot of the same things.

Take Care

Jeni said...

Well, hellooooo Paige! I saw on my sitemeter that you'd been visiting and I realized it had been a while since I'd stopped by here too -so here I am, again!
Glad to see you opened your comments again too. I really need to read the blog advice from the article you mentioned here -see what the heck I can do to spiffy up my place ya know.
Anyway - glad you are back commenting a little more frequently. I always loved your poems and prose but like the commentary you're doing now as well! Keep it up, my friend.

Dapoppins said...

You are hilarious. I didn't know it before. But I know it now!