January 23, 2008

View Point

I’m really not politically inclined but one [royal self reference] cannot help but notice all the brouhaha in the media these days. I claim no party affiliation, as I am for the best person that in my opinion will be capable of the job and able to lead our great nation under the United States Constitution; which was originally written with God in mind first! What I want and expect of our next president—a God fearing person, one that believes in our county, our nation of people—people that are not thought of as infidels, one that will take the oath of office
One that will proudly stand up with hand over heart and pledge allegiance to OUR United States, I’m talking about OUR county,

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all.
There are several people running for Nomination under the Democratic and Republican tickets as well as those without “party” affiliation. (I could not find a link to these people to check on the issues and where they stand ~sorry.) Please research your choices well. Base your vote on what you want and expect in a Leader, not what some one else thinks, not because some celebrity said so, not because you like the way they look or speak—speeches do not always result with action. Vote for someone YOU believe can perform the job, someone YOU will stand behind even if they make a decision you don’t agree with. You see WE put them in office whether they do a good job or not, it is OUR choice that puts them there. This is why you need to know who you are voting for or against. YOU cannot complain, whine, cry or bitch about someone you voted in or at the very least did not take the trouble to vote against. Cause that just ain’t right folks.

Let me wrap this up because I can see this is going nowhere fast, or slow pending on your reading speed and ability. (that's a joke-lighten up) What does it matter who is running and who you vote for anyway? Our system of electing someone to office is antiquated. Surely you know that it is based on Electoral Votes.

Feel free to post a comment on your opinion, throw information at me or to just plain ol’ wail me with a stick.

Let me take one more minute or two your time to thank Sandy, of Abandoned in Pasadena, who sent me the “honey dipper” photo. Thanks Sandy for your timely e-mail I think it goes well with this post. I don't know who took the other photo- but my thanks to you as well. Awesome Flag!

Cast that vote November '08
This just in:
I have been corrected on Obamma's religion, 1-29-2008 by this article in the Washington Post this would be “my bad” and as you can see I have placed this, much like the magazines and newspapers do when they print an apology or retraction. Told you I was not politically inclined !


Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's a big job to apply for, Paige. One has to have the right CV.

american said...

Amen Paige. our country was based on christian beliefs we have fought and died for 232 years for this right , Osoma does not believe in GOD our what our country stands for , Oprah should stick with what she knows because if she thinks Osoma is the answer then she should give up he money and move to the middle east and be treated like a DOG, that is GOD backwards and that in the opposite of christian beliefs, all the Liberal weomen who blindly follow oprah get ready to give up all the rights you fought to get , I want to know where his alliegence is if he cannot pledge it to us and OUR NATION

Dapoppins said...

I agree with every thing you said. I have been thinking of posting along the same lines, just reminding people that although they might be sick of all the dull t.v. stuff, that we all need to be informed about what these people think and believe. These are troubled times, and our next Pres has to lead us through them.

joe said...

Yeah, um, Michele sent me but I'm not going to agree with what you had to say in this post. At least not most of it. But, hey, we all have the right to our beliefs.

I will say though that the commenter "American" is a scary, misguided individual who is spewing some hate and misinformation.

So, anyway, see you later!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)

I don't have a vote.