October 31, 2007

Just noticing...

how it’s all the rage to be “Green” these days. Folks talking about their recycling plastic bottles, newspapers and what-nots. I think it’s great. But I can’t help and wonder is it just a fad, you know the newest trend of what’s cool?
The big coffee shop (you know who that is) has been offering used coffee grounds for ages to folks to use in their gardens and compost heaps. Even the thermal cardboard sleeve they use is made from recycled stuffs. What do you do with the paper cup and that sleeve? Are you one of the very few that uses your own cup that you take home and wash? Humm Do ya still use the plastic or paper bags from the grocery store how about the department stores? You can use canvas bags again and again and again.
My blog friend, Patty over at Morning Ramble, often tells of the day-to-day life of her family. Now here’s someone that is “Green” all the time. Awesome what a few little simple things can do. Drop on by, say hi and read some of her blog posts both new and old.
Yes my friends this is my small contribution to the new "Green" enviroment we all should belong to.

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Sandy said...

I don't buy small trash bags anymore...I use Wally worlds bags instead. I save my aluminum cans for my son. I turn off lights and during the winter months I don't buy gasoline(only on special occasions and then just a little). I look green sometimes too.