April 1, 2010

Time for a Stupid Blog Party

Hi, come on in. How ya doing? I’m so glad you came for my Stupid Blog Party. Help yourself to the snacks, and then find a seat... So you wanta hear my Stupid story? Of course y’all do, that’s what you’re here for.

So this one time (but not at band camp) I cooked up some fried chicken. Being the southern girl that I am I wanted to make some cream gravy to drench all over the mashed potatoes, but I had all this extra grease in the skillet. And naturally I needed to pour some out, now I don’t put grease down the drain which meant I had to find something to pour the bubbling hot grease into. For the first prize who can guess what I used? Remember this IS a stupid thing. So guess away (guessing ends at midnight Texas time) Winner announced SOON and LIKEWISE all other prize winners announced SOON if not sooner-huh?

How’s about a Stupid Poem to kick off National Poetry Month (so what if it’s an old one)


Ready to play a game?
Everyone keep it a secret,
Don’t tell. Here’s what we’re

Gonna do. Take one pen with
Red ink or a marker
Evenly write out the first letter of
Each line in this acrostic poem
Nice and slow now.

Can you guess the
To this special riddle?

Pretty pitiful, huh? Go ahead say it
Out loud…I dare you
Oh my, Gummy Butt, it’s your
Prompt of red-green cat poop!

Now EVERYONE Please mingle amongst yourselves grab the Stupid Blog Party 2010 Participant Badge. Play met and greet, laugh and point fingers, because it’s okay to do that at my Stupid Blog Party. Now have a nice drink (beer and karrits and pickeled eggs for everyone) and tell me all about your Stupid Post

Jen – Unedited
Sandy – Abandoned in Pasadena
Deanna – Deanna’s Blog
Georganna – A Writer’s Edge
Dapoppins – Dapoppins
Jai – Jai Josi’s Tulsi Tree
Elizabeth – Ramblings


ER said...

Lovely grub Paige. Though I'm not a one for the pickled eggs.

I'm thinking you poured that hot grease into the plastic trash bag?? Do I get a cookie, do I, do I???

You can see my stupid (woman) post over in my blog :)

PS Thanks for the award.

Unknown said...

I'm glad I stopped by your blog silly me forgot about the stupid blog party so I'll have to be thinking about my stupid post! Stay tuned....

Hmm I say you dumped into a potted plant... sounds stupid to me yup! Though I do love the plastic sack that's hilarious!

I'll be sure to give myself a badge once I've complete the task!!

Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

If it were me with the hot grease (popping on your forearms, too, huh?) I would have grabbed a handy empty can with liquid inside, and...

What's with the GREEN AND RED CAT POOP? How stupid is that? I think you deserve a prize! Here, have a whole chocolate cupcake.

And thanks for the badge, I'll just put it in my pocket for now ... where's the booze? Just beer? Oh, I love pickeled eggs if you pickeled them in beet juice. I can't help it--I have Pennsy-Dutch culinary DNA, chust for nice!

Blue Bunny said...

oh goodie, i loves gessing!

i thinks yoo pored the greese in yor old shoe?


Jannie Funster said...

Okay, that chicken grease, I think you either poured it...

-- on a fire?
-- into the compost?
-- down the toilet/
-- in the trash?
-- on the tulips??
-- in a paper cup?


I did want to participate by putting up a post but my brain could not think of a single thing. Sorry! So, I'll let you hardy ones have all the glory!


Jai Joshi said...

Hmm, I've been trying to guess what you poured that grease into. A plant? The toilet? I think it was probably a plant.

Great stupid blog party! Glad I turned up.


Deanna Schrayer said...

Yep, I'm late, but I finally grabbed the badge and added it to my stupid post, which you know about now - things I think are stupid, stupid things I've done, and the Schrayer Family "Hey y'all, watch this" stupid photo of the year award.
I think you poured the grease in the mailbox. :)
Gotta get back to work, but hope to read everyone else's stupid blogs soon!
Thanks for hosting the party, and for all the grub Paige, especially the booze!

Dorraine said...

Great stupid party, Paige! Hot grease...hmmmm. My first thought was a thin plastic bowl, which might have been close by. You have me curious now where you did pour it.

Let me yank something stupid from my collection. Okay, here's one.

You know those those exercise rubber band thingies with the handles? Well, I was standing and stretching, working that thing out like no tomorrow, while my daughter and her friend sat on the bed in front of me, chatting.

Anyhoo, the darn thing slipped and popped me right on the nose, hitting me hard enough to make me fall backwards onto the floor, while popping my head on my dresser. Hurt like hell.

Those girls couldn't stop laughing and I think I was laughing, although there were tears of pain, too.

ER said...

OMG! Dorraine, I just got myself of them thar stretchy thingies today! you can bet I'll be making sure I'm holding tight.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Mmmm yummy cat poop!
Looks like you had a really good stupid party going on all day!
Wish I had more time for your fun-
I'd like to play but too much going on around here lately with the state tax forms killing my time- I'd rather read a car repair manual! really-

I always pour my pan grease into an empty tin can. They don't burn or melt, usually.

I suppose you could pour it into the oil tank for a new hybrid car these days!

... Paige said...

Thank you everyone for coming. I enjoyed myself and I now see a lot of you in bit of a different light.
Beloved is taking Friday off and we are going to hang out alone together all day. Baby Gril is gone for a church rally for a couple of days.
Now get out of here :-)

but y'all come back ya hear!

Deanna Schrayer said...

Oh Dorraine, you made me spit my drink out! That is too funny, and the very reason I HATE rubber bands, which is not good for me as my son loves to use them for all manner of things. I find them all over our house!
Thank you Paige for hosting this lovely stupid party - was much fun. By the way, there's an award for you on my fiction site, The Other Side of Deanna

I hope you have a fantabulous Easter weekend!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It sounds like a great party.

Dapoppins said...

I'm sorry I was unable to attend on the actual day of...I was nursing a sore back from burping picked eggs and diet coke.

You were very wise not to pour hot grease down the drain, and I think someone should invent cheap plastic that doesn't melt so easily. It would sure make my life easier!

Jingle said...

beautiful poetry,
welcome join us!