May 31, 2011


Would it be redundant for me to mention how proud of Baby Girl we are? Oh well, so be it. It was busy around here leading up to that day and now, well now I’m looking forward to trying to get back into a lazy kind of schedule…for a couple weeks anyway. Hey, that sounds almost like a vacation only without the gas money, packing and driving part.

Omygoodness! It is soooo dry around here. And all my dear internets say ‘How dry is it?’ Ha, I’m glad you asked…it’s so dry that we are down to only watering the tomatoes and luffa. Okay so there are green beans and onions in the luffa bed. Our water barrels are so dry they are almost as shriveled up as the fruit trees. Let me put in terms of labor, normally by this time we are mowing the yard a minimum of once every 4-5 days but it has only been mowed twice this entire year. And truthfully the 2nd time was just to level out the height of the weeds. At our house we have been hand washing dishes, I know hard times, and catching the rinse water in a dish pan so we can toss it out in the pool. Because our city is on ground water and it’s low, they are heavily treating it so the pool veggies aren't that great because of it, there is now an…well let me just say the water bill is too high. But the luffa are ah growing they seem to really like this heat as do the tomatoes.

Luffa Bed after planting, replanting & replanting

Luffa Bed after sprouting, resprouting & respouting

So we had this cat move in to our backyard. Crazy I know but the danged ol’ thing won’t leave. I watched it go from a skinny thing to one that could hardly stand cause it wouldn’t leave to get food water. And now I have a stupid cat. It is ugly too, the hind end is taller than the front so it’s butt looks like it poking up. It has deep blue eyes, they are purdy, but when ya add in the Siamese cat coloring along with some brown splotches and long Persian cat hair…yep it’s ugly, did I mention the squeak of a meow. I would show y’all a picture but it’s such a scardy cat it runs from me. I’m sure it has nothing to do with me chasing it waving my arms and hollering ‘Get outta here – go home.’ And just so ya know my Beloved doesn’t like cats…at all. Now me, I don’t mind ‘em, I’m one of those that like cats & dogs kind of people. So Ugly, as it is now named, goes potty in front of the oak tree…El Yuck-o! Now here is the good part -- those crazy a$$ed tree rats, better known as squirrels, don’t come in the yard. Nope they just walk across the power line wave and wriggle their tales and bark. Oh but wait there’s more, recently someone told me that my animal totem was a cat…OMG, Lord please don’t let me turn into one of them crazy cat ladies.

I hope all y’all dear internets had a great long weekend! We did but I’ll save that for my next post, especially since I need some more time to conjure up something… yeah something hot maybe.

ATC (2 ½ x 3 ½) by moi – light it up


Brian Miller said...

smiles. sounds like your cat has adopted you...smiles...she can guard the luffa beds...sorry its been so dry...hope you get some rain soon!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

It's fine, to be proud!!!!!!!

Hmmmmmmmmmm, no like cats hu? Him I mean. -chuckle- Well, some cats come to stay, no matter what. So perhaps he'd better work on learning to tolerate it anyway. -grin-

How did you find out what your animal totem was????????? I want a gray wolf for mine. But don't suppose you can choose. So... -pout-

She-who-still-can't-make-my-preferred-pics-post. But I think its my issue and not Blogger, this time.

Daisy said...

I hope you get some rain soon. I'd be glad to share some of what we've had lately. Your description of the squirrels made me laugh out loud. :D

Snaggle Tooth said...

Have you tried an Apache` Rain Dance yet? I just said a prayer for you- Can't hurt!

We've had so much rain we have tons of Mosquitos! I don't even have rain barrels here. The hose pipes are broken, so I carry buckets of tap water out to get pollen off Little Truck, n have old milk cartons filled up out there to water deck plants.

Yep, those yard cats will keep rodents off the plantings... Sounds like Ugly is a Himalyan cat. I adopted a lilac siamese once- he was a good cat, but an outdoor cat too.

Hope youtr week-end was fun, mine was hell at work!

ElizabethR said...

Paige, we're in an extreme drought too. I worry about my trees. We need rain!

By the way, great name for the cat, Ugly! LOL

80s Queen said...

We need some rain here too. Everything is CRISPY.

Anonymous said...

You just posted that luffa shot to torment me, dincha? Well, they're YOUR sprouts that grow so slow here. Hmm. Maybe I should put a heat lamp over them?

Manx cats have higher hind quarters. Does yard kitty have a tail?

Cat Crazy Lady

sheila said...

luffa beds! COOOOOOOL! I bet we got your portion of water, lol. I think we had (literally) 6 dry days in April and May combined. Serious.

Deanna Schrayer said...

First of all, I Love the picture! Such great vivid detail, you are Good girl!

I sure do wish I could give you some of the rain we've had. Thankfully it's not rained this past week, but before that we got gullywashers, so hard that I was shop-vaccing the three or so inches of water outta my garage - Hard Times! We've had to mow a lot but the ground is so muddy I can't get the mower up the side hill. Of course I try anyway so I've made big ole ugly skid marks in the yard.

I hope you can get a pic of the cat soon. What'd you name him? We have strays here all the time and they most always stick around at least a couple months until we find it a home or else take it to the shelter, (I hate doing that though so I try real hard to find them homes). We have a "regular" dog and cat, who love to play-fight, and they're about all we can handle, or afford to feed for that matter!

Here's hoping you get some rain soon!