May 5, 2011

Cinco Posto

As I write this post our internet is down. Haha it makes me wonder what a chicken actually feels like with its head cut off… okay so not really. I’m one of those people that is okay without the web (for a bit anyway) after all I have tons of stuff I can do, including junk I like to do.

I suppose I could work on some poeming, but I’m just not feeling it today ya know. I did get my 5 favorites from the April Poem a Day Challenge sent in to Robert Lee Brewer. I have high hopes that all 5 will be in the top 50…prayer from you guys could help. BTW I entered them under my RL name. I don’t remember when he will make the announcement and I can’t check as the internet is down.

I could work on the current painting I’m doing…well actually I have already and I’m just waiting for a layer of paint to dry. Ya know sometimes I sit there and watch it dry – lalala Okay so I eat my breakfast or lunch and look at the paint drying... I call that multi-tasking, it’s easy and it doesn't take the internet to do it (well sometimes it does).

My type of multitasking on occasion drives my Beloved crazy. Its’ so funny I’ll like be online reading blogs and watching TV or watching a Ustream and TV, like this morning when the internet disappeared. Not that Beloved was home when that happened, nope I made him go to work today. Unlike the internet which isn't ... working that is.

The weather has been so wonderful at our house. Cool nights and sunny DRY days (but not too hot). We need rain; so there again I ask that y’all pray for rain at our house. Ahhh back to this loverly day, sometimes I blog out on the breezeway. Hum today would be a great day to do that but the internet is down.

Y’all know I could sweep and mop. I have already cleaned the bathrooms, put up the laundries, feed the birds – watched the birds. Lol laughed at the mean ol’ humming birds fighting each other. We have about 4 that argue over who’s feeders they are. I think one of ‘em is a couple as they don’t fight, 3 are those ruby throated type and 1 is black’ish / gray’ish. If the internet were working I’d see if I could find out exactly what type and tell y’all but as you know the internet is down.

Well I think I’ll go call them again and see if I can find out what’s up with the internet and just how much longer it will be out. Between me and you all day (4 hours) is long enough to be without the World Wide Web.

PS I miss you my dear internets worse then missing another shot of the fighting humming birds.

I hope I’m online super soon!


Brian Miller said...

ugh...sorry your net is down...i hate it when that wishes on the poetry a day you sent in...and let us see that a wonderful package in the mail yesterday, lots of neat goodies between the pages...

Linda said...

Hope you're back online! I got my 5 poems in tonight. Was not so inspired this yearr, but spring has been nutso. Um, what monniker did you post under this year? I never saw any PVL poems. Peace...

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...


You have no internet connection?

But you posted?

What am I missing?

Oh well, I'm probably just dense.


Gentle hugs,

Jannie Funster said...

Good to be busy offline! You are getting lots done.

I have all my song-in-progress as blog posts, so working on them necessitates online-ness for me. My Word doc program expired. Can' you believe it -- Acer makes you BUY the office program. drats.

but I shall be alright!


Deanna Schrayer said...

Isnt' it crazy how much we seem to Depend on the internet these days? I too get a bit crazy when I can't get on line, (I'm ashamed to say).

All your cleaning and laundry and such is making me feel guilty - I've not done a thing this morning other than reading! Best get busy!

ElizabethR said...

Wishing you the best result ever with your poetry submissions Paige. It'd be awesome if yours got picked.

As to the internet being down, lol, that's the only time the housework here gets done :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Welcome back!
I do find the internet is a great excuse not to do so many chore things... Of course, laundry Must be done regardless, or we'd all be naked... but without a web-cam, no one would even know!

Good luck with the poems!

LauraX said...

such a bummer when this happens...that feeling of disconnection...Happy Mother's Day Paige!