April 7, 2011


The winner of my first give a way is…wait let’s not be too hasty here. I mean I think I want to keep your attentions for a bit longer. Because he (Mark Kerstetter) asked for it - here is a couple of photos of the big a$$ bird book I wrote of in the last post

Ah hum, see I told y’all it was big, please note the size of the dollar bill, an actual dollar bill mind you. I was gonna use a hundred but then y’all couldn’t see the book.
Since Deanna asked about the turtle incident I’ll briefly (LOL) tell ya what happened…but first cue some 3 stooges music (y’all guys like that)

Me: Baby girl when are you going to clean that turtle box? The smell is starting to smack me in the face

Baby Girl: I’ll do it now.

My thoughts~ hum what was that weird sound? O never mind. Lalalalala infinite.

Baby Girl: making sounds of grunting and doors closing and then

Me: and THEN the smell! OMG! It slid under my office door reached up and snatched the nose right off my face.

My thoughts ~ what ta hellO I can’t breathe.

Me: I Jumped up without fainting. Jerked open the door. Baby Girl standing in the hall with said stinky turtle in hand. I said, “what are you doing?” okay so I said it loudly yelled even “put Theo in the tub. OMG that smell is horrible!

Baby Girl: I tripped on my blanket and the box sorta spilled.

Me: OMG…OMG yelling now (really) “get that box outta here. OMG you didn’t get it on the bed did you?

Baby Girl: just looking at me as if I were crazy

My thoughts ~ humph!

Baby Girl: okay

So I watched her moving slower than a glacier at the North Pole…as she put the turtle in the tub, bent over to pick up the box and proceed to carry it all the way outside

Me: I was suffocating! I ran to get the fart spray as if that would stop or cover up a dead rotting body covered in turtle waste. But I tried, so hard in fact that the house looked like it was full of smoke. Baby Girl was still outside. Doing What-God only knows!

Me: OMG at the back door OMG what did it spill on?

Baby Girl: My blanket I guess.

Me: jerking up the blanket and sheets. I ran it to the door and tossed it outside. Sprayed some more. OMG

Baby Girl: I think maybe it got on my pillow. I don't know.

ME: just to show you my stamina, I was not passed out yet from the stench or the lack of oxygen or the blood rushing like a volcano in my veins. I jerked up the pillows and threw them out the door. And muttered some more OMGs and OMGs. Baby Girl just looking at me. There was some strange growling noise, but I don't know where it came from.

And eventually after 2 days (seriously) with the window open and fan pulling out the funk out the house started to smell better. Now there is no box for Theo the turtle! Nope not gonna go through the ‘have you fed / watered her? Cleaned the box? That’s right…no not turtle soup-gross, Theo now lives in Baby Girl’s bathtub. Hey when Baby Girl wants a shower she has to clean the tub, every time she uses the bath room she remembers to fed / water Theo. Too bad I didn’t think of this sooner.

Okay now for the winner from my last post give a way (drum roll please) Daisy;  yea and horray and high fives. Be sure to send me (paigevonliber (at sign) gmail (dot) com) your address so I can get your super and super give a way to you.

Oh by the way (btw) leave a comment and you will be entered in my 2nd give away and don’t forget to tweet and all that for more chances to win. Yes Daisy you can win again, but only if your enter and only if your name is drawn again


Jeni said...

And I thought an over-full kitty litter box was bad!

Brian Miller said...

haha...sorry dont know if i was supposed to laugh but maybe because it did not happen to me...smiles.

Dapoppins said...

Huh, Im not the winner, but at least I KNOW Daisy.

That was one of the funniest stories ever-- I have a slight idea what a turtle might smell like...I must have smelled one somewhere

Can a smell stick in your head and replay over and over like a song.

Yes. Yes it can.

Daisy said...

Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! Thank you, Paige. What fun!

Loved the turtle story--gave me a good laugh! I have a feeling turtle smell is a pretty BAD smell. :D

Linda said...

me! jumping up and down -- pick me!

love that bird with the buck -- tres funny. peace...

Snaggle Tooth said...

Lovely bird book photos- would go well with my last post too! I thought you were saying tipping is for the birds...

I used to know folks who had a kiddie pool like your new garden without the dirt- for a turtle park with a lake, wood, n rocks to climb up on. Of course it was outside tho-

Deanna Schrayer said...

Ahahaha! I can just see you running through the house, spraying like mad, yelling OMG over and over again Paige. I'm so glad I asked!

Congrats Daisy!

80s Queen said...

That's too funny. I am with Jeni, I didn't know anything could stink as bad as a cat box.

Tim said...

That looks like a very lovely bird book! Hope you are doing well.

desk49 said...

And who would think a turtle would smell so bad.

Jannie Funster said...

So I guess Baby Girl is taking showers only now?

Nice fertilizer, this turtle box stuff.

And Daisy, a wonderful, wonderful winner if ever there were one. She's a total sweetie. Like you!


sheila said...

First off, that is one big A$$ book! OMG! Lol!

Second, omg. We had a frog once. I feel your pain with the smell! How can one little thing be so freakin smelly?????/

ElizabethR said...

OMG Paige,
I'm hurting from laughing so hard. That has to be the funniest post ever! I could almost see Baby Girl standing there like a Deer in the headlights. Poor Baby.

Thanks for the giggles :)

Mark Kerstetter said...

Please excuse my rudeness for not thanking you sooner for posting the pics. I was kind of hoping I'd think of something clever to say...Sometimes I dream about books like this, HUGE books, 2 X 3 feet or larger. Usually they're art books. Sometimes I see them side by side on library shelves and I just stare, wondering which one to look at first.

Thanks again, Paige, for thinking of me.

Liara Covert said...

The photos yo ushare are beautiful. Thanks for inspiring others to appreciate the lighter side of life and also simple moments. Appreciate your visit to the Dreambuilders Australia Blog.