March 22, 2011


Has long been in my part of Texas, okay so maybe not “long” but for a couple /few weeks anyway. The plum trees have bloomed and I think I see some teeny tiny future goodness, the pear has bloomed and it for sure without a doubt will have pears. The Apple tree is always the last to spring, but we are holding out that this year will be the year we will get apples! Oh yeah the nectarine is beautiful I’m sure the crazy a$$ed squirrels will love ‘em again this year. Humph!

I am still waiting to harvest a head of cabbage, they are growing but I need it to be just a wee bit bigger, so it will fill the pot ya know. As I write this I sit out on the wonderful breeze way with the wind chime well chiming and some yahoo making too much racket, really must you mow your yard while I’m working? Hey I’m working here!!

So did I tell you my brilliant idea to do an above ground garden in conjunction to the flower bed gardens? Okay so we have been talking about it for a few years…we can build it like this…use this material…plant this that blah blah blah. About 3 weeks ago I made a decision to stop talking about it and just do it. So I rushed out to purchase my supplies, dirt, mulch, potting soil and swimming pool. Yeah that’s right my dear internets we now have a pool in the center of our…well it’s the center of the yard between My Purple Door Studios and the fence.

So after I put the pool where I wanted it I moved all the dirt and topsoil and potting soil and mulch; then I planted some veggies and stuck some seeds in the ground and watered said good things. Knowing we already have an impending bountiful goodness. Oh I put the tomatoes (most of ‘em) in the front flower bed they are very happy. Well all the plants are very happy…See

What? Shirley you didn’t think I meant a simming pool big enough for us to swim in. PaLLLLLeeeeese! Umm I did say above ground garden YES and this works well on so many levels. I mean come on my dear internets just look at that photo again. ah uhh you so know I'm brilliant!

1. Drainage is great, I poked holes in the bottom (although we need rain)

2. It’s right smack dab in the sun all day (a plus for growing veggies)

3. It’s not a permanent structure (in case I’m lazy next year)

4. It seems to be just the right size (I can reach the middle)

5. Weeds should not be much of a problem (I’ll kill the dirty…you know whats)

6. No moles can dig up the roots (although I could use a new moleskin journal)

7. It was very cheap to build (okay so it was really, REALLY easy to build)

I know I have wowed y’all with my Yankee ingenuity {smiling pretty} especially for a Southern Yankee {curtsey}

Now I must be off, I have a fence to jump and a neighbor to yell at! Make that two neighbors, mowing must be contagious. Ha they should mow when I do…at 7am on Saturdays before it gets too hot. What idiots!
Necturine Blossoms


annell said...

Is that the Gadulupe Mountains on your header? Thanks for your comment about ordinary, you are so right! Good luck with the pool garden. Looks like a great idea! But you understand, I am blighted with the "brown thumb."

Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

Hah! Almost got here first this time.

Your vegetarian ambitions astound me! Good luck with the above-ground garden. (I thought you meant something like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon or at least those upside down tomato getups. The upside down gardening seems to be taking off, too.)

My luffas are lingering in the ground, too. Even the 12 in six packs that I took outside.

LauraX said...

what a fun and practical gardening plan! I love it!!!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

You asked what kind of font I'm using? So I looked, and came to tell you. But..........

You have Necturine Blossoms. -moan- -pout- -whimper-

Picturing these, you make me want to go in a corner and cry, because I still have snow cover. -pout-

OK, I'll tell you anyway. Sunshiny

♥ Gentle hugs ♥

Paul C said...

This is an excellent idea. Container gardening is big and you have found the perfect receptacle. We try to plant 5 or 6 herbs/spices in a large clay pot every spring to enjoy its offering all summer and fall.

Daisy said...

You're brilliant, Paige! :D

Looks great! I hope it works well for you. Those plants do look very happy there.

Jeni said...

Spring, in central Pennsylvania, has seemed to be just around the corner now on several occasions but now, tonight, we're back to still saying farewell to winter, yet again! Sleeting a bit, "a nasty drive" my daughter said when she called me a few minutes ago on her break at work. Not to be a gloomy gus person here, I keep telling myself soon, soon, spring will really be here soon -just not soon enough though!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Spriong! TG, if only it wasn't snowing!

I think I saw round things at the garden store to keep the fruit growing away from the squirrels. Wish I had trees with fruit, besides the HuckleBerry Tree.

I had to pay $2.50 for St Patty's Day cabbage to cook with the corned beef- thats robbery! Hope you enjoy yours.

Here we still have Little Ones who wanna swim in the pools, even with all these Beaches around...
Looks like fun, not bending down as much too-

I can't grow much in the snow yet...

Jai Joshi said...

I'm not an ace gardener like you but spring does give me a lovely feeling. I love to see all the spring blossoms and green shoots.


sheila said...

Okay, that pool idea is the NEATEST thing! If I can remember to do this by the time Spring comes to my city, I'm totally stealing this idea!

ElizabethR said...

Your above-ground garden is a wonderful idea Paige. Especially if one has an old pool the kids have grown out of.

Deanna Schrayer said...

You know already that I'm jealous of your creative thumb, and this just makes me more so - you're brilliant Paige! I hope the garden grows well and that you get some of the results before the squirrels do.

And the neighbors, oh do I know how you feel! Last week my neighbor across the street had a million trees taken down so I had to work through crash, bang, bam all day, so not easy! But the worst is when our mail lady drives up our driveway to deliver big packages, she parks right beside my porch, (where I write), and then, as if I couldn't hear that loud jeep, she blows the horn several times in succession! Talk about distracting! She's taken my mind off my work so many times I'd like to whop her a good 'en!