March 2, 2011

Open House

That’s the name of a poetry book I recently finished reading. I love this chick, Beth Ann Fennelly. Have y’all heard of her? Have y’all read her? If not you should. Oh, me? How did I come across her work?

Okay so I go to these readings at my local college, I’m sure I have mentioned it before and Beth Ann was there. She is a great speaker and read a few of her poems—marvelous.

I have looked through this book to find a portion of a poem to share with you…hard to pick… as the formatting lends quite a bit to the way some of her poems read and I’m sure I can’t get them to show correctly with blogger (no offence blogger). I found one that I think will be fine as it has regular formatting…so without further ado and delay, a portion of a poem …

Poem Not to Be Read at your Wedding

You ask me for a poem about love
in place of a wedding present, trying to save me
money. For three nights I’ve lain
under glow-in-the-stars I’ve stuck to the ceiling
over my bed. I’ve listened to the songs
of the galaxy. Well, Carmen, I would rather
give you your third set of steak knives
than tell you what I know. Let me find you

Ah yes, there is more to this piece, but y’all know how I am. I want you to rush out and buy a copy of this book, check it outta your li-berry (if you have a card), download an e-version of it (if available) In my opinion, Beth Ann writes in an adult voice with child like questioning and exploration without fear of a truthful answer nor the outcome. It is what it is.

Awarded the 2001 Kenyon Review Prize & the GLCA New Writers Award

Open House

Beth Ann Fennelly

ISBN 978-0-393-33607-8

What have y’all read lately?


Brian Miller said...

nice. i like me some poetry so...and i like going to poetry performances...we have been having them more frequently at the local college...

Laurita said...

Perfect! I think I will check her out. Thanks for pointing out this poetry, Paige. (this message was brought to you by the letter P)

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

So happy you found another author, who 'speaks' to you...

Daisy said...

I liked it. Thanks, Paige. :)

Jannie Funster said...

Sounds like a book Ill want to inhale and eat for dinner and drink for lunch.

I think it'll continue like this...

I'd rather give you your third set of steak knives
than give you the hope of the moon on
a golden platter
or a red plastic spaghetti server that has a carbon half-life of a million years.

Was I close? At all???


Ben said...

I like poetry that makes me smile. She definitely has a down to earth feel. Haven't read a book of poetry in far too long :( I need to get out there and buy another poetry book.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Re: Your words in my comments--- "if they didn't keep their shoes picked up they "lost" 'em and no one likes loosing favorite shoes..."

I like your way of "Doing Mama-ing"! ,-)

sheila said...

Ah, I like that one! lol. Steak knives for sure.

Deanna Schrayer said...

Oh, I love it! Rushing out to the book store right now, thanks for telling us about Beth Ann Paige!

Jai Joshi said...

Ah man, you totally reeled me in!

I love the new look of the blog, Paige!


Snaggle Tooth said...

"... Let me find you..."
Naked in the dark with the lights out?

Well, that's what my brain continued it as...

Sounds like a good read. i haven't read much poetry off-line recently.
Been reading The 6th in "The New Jedi Order" book series of Star Wars collection, taking place 25 years after the older movies. I want to make new movies out of the story line. Would be tough getting Harrison Ford to act cheap tho! N permission from George too-