January 18, 2011

Oh MY Stars

Y'all really didn't think I would let the whole constellation shift get past me without some sort of post...did ya? Especially after that falling birds thang.

I'm sure that by this time you have figured out:

that the various named star constellations were named way back. Like 5000 years ago or so including the "new" one (so not new).

that Astronomy and Astrology are NOT the same thing, in fact there are even differences in Astrology Here is an explanation in plain English and here is a fancier version

that the stars did not move, rather the Earth (surprise) moves in its wobble (tilt) about every 2000 years (give or take a few :-o) Huh! there is that whole Earth cycle again- that I believe is a natural and expected thing...not some freak occurrence.

And besides IF they (whoever they are) decide that now (even though this is ancient news) there are 13 zodiacs -SO WHAT - It WILL NOT and CANNOT change who you are. Your personality or traits will NOT shift.

Relax my dear internets You are You are and are perfect in that NO ONE else can do as good of a job at being You than YOU.

And I for one Like YOU just as You Are so let's dance and rejoice just for the shear excitement of living.

ps: I hope my links don't vanish this time {crossed fingers}
pss: Enough with the doom & gloom, y'all know that you should be Right with God.


Brian Miller said...

ha...dancing along...

Daisy said...

Whew! I'm so glad to hear I'm still me!! :D Dancing with you too, Paige. I hope you have a great day!

Jai Joshi said...


I'll dance to that.


ElizabethR said...

Me too! Cute post Paige.

LauraX said...

say it like it is sister!

Jannie Funster said...

It's really neat to think of the earth wobbling back and forth, takes only 2000 years. A mere blink in time.

weebles wobbble but they don't fall down.

but back to this post!

let me now get up and DANCE here at the library! They will probably not even notice. They already know me as The Weird One.


Opaque said...

I am going to say that you say sayings just like it is... keep at it!

Ciera said...

Dancing a jog!

Chip Ingram said just today that it's ok to kick back, relax, bust a move, and just enjoy's even Biblical so no need to feel guilt!

lol 8-D

Ciera said...



sheila said...

LOL< yes, it's natural, it happens every 'so often'. And you are totally right, I mean what are ya gonna do? Live , dance, sing, write, for God's sake, have fun!
(Am I tilting? lol)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Still, it can feel like a bit of an emotional jolt to be moved from Scorpio on the cusp of Sagitarius to Libra in the Age of Aquarius... During an aspect between Venus n Jupiter, while Pluto is in Retrograde, n it's almost the full Moon! I wonder if my Moon is still in Scorpio too... ???

Deanna Schrayer said...

Yep, I don't believe there's any way I could ever be anything but a Leo, just no way....

But it's nice to know you feel I'm still me Paige, 'cause I'd be worried to death if you thought I wasn't who I am. Worse, I'd be even more worried if you weren't who I know you are. :)