November 10, 2010

Bread & Music

Sound intriguing? I hope so as I want to brief you on this nice book of poetry by Jennifer K. Sweeney, How to Live on Bread and Music. This is a wonderful collection of day to day life put into pondering poems. The book is nicely arranged between form, rhythm, general mood, and sentiment of each piece. The cover art is a piece by Richard Kochanek titled Angels in Procession. I found it to be easy to read and image filling for my eclectic mind, it's not one of those overthetop intellectual -what does that mean- type of book. IMO

This is the book I carried to read while getting my Boob Job and for reading while waiting for baby girl after school. Small enough not to be heavy in my purse and heavy enough to inspire me to write a poem that was triggered by this one...

5 O'Clock Poem

Descending the gray nudge of Market Street
I am heavy in my shoes,
a little sack bent.

The dryness in my throat
is familiar but not comfortable,
my body is familiar but not uncomfortable.

Most openings are too small to enter,
but upstream and tired, I fall in
achy stone of me exploding like a rose.

(for the rest you will have read the book) And one day maybe you, my dear internets, will get to read mine.

I received this book as a part of my membership in the American Poetry Society and to be completely honest with you it is the only one out of 4 books over the years that I have gotten for which I can say I truly enjoyed. I read every poem, most more than once and some more than three times. I liked it so much that I sent an email to the publisher, Perugia Press, telling them so and to please pass my kudos on to Ms. Sweeney.

How to Live on Bread and Music
by Jennifer K. Sweeney
Perugia Press
ISBN 978-0-9794582-2-4


sheila said...

Nice! It's always a great thing when you actually get something from a book.

Dapoppins said...

I am not a huge poetry fan, but I did like that poem. "I am heavy in my shoes," so clear and easy and true!

And you won't believe it, but I still don't have a phone!

Bee Repartee said...

Hi sweet Paige!! I'm reserving that one at the library. yay!

sheila said...

Back again. Now I'm reminded I wanted to make beer bread tonight. ;o)

Brian Miller said...

nice. will check this book out...and a wonderful the imagery...exploding like a rose coming after what sounds a little like a slog upstream...nice.

i run a poetry site with a few other bloggers...would love for you to check it out some time...

Deanna Schrayer said...

Even though I don't normally write poetry, (can't count those nonsense lines I spit out now and then - it isn't really poetry), I do enjoy reading Good poetry. If the rest of the book is anything like this poem, then I must have it. Thanks for the recommendation Paige!