August 21, 2010

Shutter the Door

Y’all remember when I talked about painting the shutters and front door? I’m sure you do after all y’all don’t have anything else to remember right? Just junk about moi, such is the life of this Queen of this Paradise Valley not 2 mention Hell’s Mountain.

Member? I said that some other stupid people on my street went and painted their doors the same red as ours and I like being unique – I MUST BE SPECIAL and that has nothing to do with crazya$$edness. So in one word ~~YES~~ I did it. Beloved is not so crazy about it, but said…”If it makes you happy then it makes me happy.” What a guy, the best, the absolute bestest husband I have ever had! And besides it isn’t that hard to paint so when (if) I get tired of it I’ll just repaint some other -neat-OH peat-OH color that nobody else on our street has.

Here is the before of the faux shutters

And here is the after of the faux shutters

Okay what do y’all think? I do value the opinion of my dear internets.

Oh and the front door, we added the “real”{wink} gold kick plate and the fancy gold thingie to the window. I hope that will deter stupid a$$ people from trying to look in. Y’all know what I mean? Folks would actually walk up and cup their hands around their faces, stick their noses up to the glass and try to see in. How do I know this you may ask. Okay go ahead and ask… I watched them on video. No fooling every single kid and junk door hanger just had to try and peek in. Hump!

And now tell me what color is your front door? Does it match your shutters (if ya have ‘em)?


Laurita said...

You've got a pink/purple door and blue shutters? I love that! Yuor door looks snazzy.

Deanna Schrayer said...

People actually walk up and look in your house Paige? Oh my gosh, what do they think, it's a museum or something? That would freak me out.
I love the blue shutters, and the gold on the door - so creative, but that doesn't surprise me 'cause that's what you are, creative.

We have three sets of doors, and they're all glass, sliding glass and a French door, so I never have to worry about painting them, but I am ready to paint the house. Okay, truth is, I'm ready to move to a different house (see my recent post on flooding).

You have a lovely home! Pat yourself on the back and whop those hoodlum voyeurs upside the head!

... Paige said...

actually the door and shutters are the same color, it's the way the light hits 'em...weird huh?

Daisy said...

Your husband sounds like a keeper! Pretty colors, and I like the gold thingees too. :D

We don't have shutters, and you know what? I don't even know what color my front door is! I think it's white. HA HA HA! I guess I never thought to take notice of it.

Bee Repartee said...

CUTE! Color is always win especially the purple front door. It's a lovely extension of your personality, and as it should be.

My apartment door is red. (yawn...)

Jannie Funster said...

Yes, I like the color a lot!

Well, I guess since your house looks so gret inside it does nosey ones to peek.

Our front door is natural wood, our shutters dark green and our cat a lovely yellow-orange.


sheila said...

We don't have shutters, but our front door is red. Really red. Our house is brick. I LOVE your choice of colors! And the kick plate!

p.s. BGSU in Ohio. Sorry, not the BG in Kentucky. :(

Jai Joshi said...

I love the new colour of the shutters. The front door is a pretty funky colour too.

My front door is the original colour of the wood, walnut. I like it that way and painted all the trimmings in the front room to match the door.


ElizabethR said...

Paige, you're not going to believe this, but your door is the exact same color as my big-A$$ed coffee-table. I love it! And your shutters are gorgeous.

I've always wanted a fire-engine red front door, but I've never had the guts to do it. Our front door is a gray-brown (sandbox). But you can't see it (or through it) we put up a full storm door in front of it too :)

ElizabethR said...

I just read where you said the door and shutters are the same color! How come the shutters look blue?

Dorraine said...

You are a no fear kinda girl! I love that about you. And you know what? It's pays off being brave. The colors are fab.

Regarding those peeking peckers, I mean people: I know they do! We have a similar get up on our front door, a panel on each side, and lo and behold, I'll see someones nose pressed up against them from time to time.

Btw..the color of my front door is chocolate. It looks like a big ole Hershey Bar. Hmmm...I'm craving chocolate as we speak. xoxo

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Our shutters are and have always been black. They are on the brick front.

Our front door has been red, in the past. But since we had to get a new front door, it has remained white. Never got our act together, to pick out a color.

Don't you *dare* say lazy! LOL!

But no one copies our door color on this street. Only 3 houses on the street and all are owned by family. So if they did something like copy our color, I could *whap 'em.* It's allowed isn't it, as long as it's in-the-family *whapping*? ,-)

Tear Drop said...

Form and function. Add some pizazz and keeps the lookie-loos out.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I didn't choose the house colors here- the doors are plain white.

I happen to like that door color- n have hand-painted some wood frames for Unicorn pics a similar color, cause it goes well with the purples.

Yes, people are nosy n got alot of nerve... Luckilty, I live upstairs.

lavendarj said...

ok i love it!! i have been considering getting purple shutter.. so i have been looking at example of purple shutters.. lol.. my home owner association is going to have a fit in my neighobrhood.. a bunch of prunes.. but i love it!!